Lac Glacei

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Lac Glacei


Feudal Status: Grand Duchy
Capital: Interlaken
Largest Cities: Interlaken

Local Leadership Title: Grand Duke
Local Government: Monarchy
Current leader: Raine Chartreux

Local language: Lac Glaceian
Local Religion: Church of Cyberia

In one of several historical references, Lac Glacei is a cold mountainous northern region. These mountains nearly encircle a large freshwater sea, also named Lac Glacei. The region was first settled by Mala'anje refugees. Several years later, mercenaries and volunteers lead by Mellow Prince Melvin, to the aid, as they supposed, of Melvin's half-brother, Bonnie Prince Charlie. Melvin's poor navigational skills added to his basically pacifist nature leading to the settlement of Lac Glacei and to the defeat of Bonnie Prince Charlie.


Lac Glacei first appeared in a Micronational sense during the Second War for Cyberian Liberation in December of 1999. It was named jointly by Charles of Tulsa, Emperor Jacobus, and Peter Hickey. The exchange went something like this:

J- I'm the Emperor! Kneel in hommage to me!

H- You can be the Emperor of Ice Cream for all I care!
J- Great idea! Anybody know the Latin word for "Ice Cream"?

C- Lac Glacei or something like that.
The Flag of Lac Glacei Under Lothlarian Rule

Lac Glacei thus became the twin realm to the Province of Cognito in the United Imperium of Cognito and Lac Glacei.

Later, it became part of Tymaria and an increasingly small part of Shireroth. Conglacio Geisteskrank and later Jacobus served as Barons.

At one point, Shireroth had removed the region entirely, at which point Ryan Caruso attempted to reinstate Lac Glacei as an independent grand duchy. The nation thrived for a short while before coming into conflict with Shireroth over who rightfully owned the region. Grand Duke Caruso had a legitimate claim in having been granted authority by Jacobus and by Shireroth's removal of the land. This was contested however and the region was eventually re-annexed by Shireroth. Caruso's most notable contributions to Lac Glacei at that time were the formation of a regional culture, the national flag and arms, and the founding of the capital city of Alpreaux.

The Centerflying Treaty

In December 2005, Grand Duke Ryan negotiated the Centerflying Treaty with Shireroth which guarantees Lac Glaceian sovereignty while maintaining ties of loyalty to Shireroth which benefit both nations. This concluded the period of hostilities between Shireroth, Lac Glacei, Cyberia, and the United Imperium.

This treaty has been called into question by the Grand Commonwealth on behalf of Treesia a member of the Commonwealth. Treesian claims, while in purely legal terms excellent, seem to be weak in practical considerations, especially with regards to their claim's relevance as per the state of play on the ground since the Emperor Jacobus, has accepted the position of Imperator Rex Emeritus and had restated his support of Grand Duke Ryan and of the Treaty.

Grand Duke Ryan having left Lac Glacei and micronationalism, and finding no one in authority in Lac Glacei or in Cognito, by his authority as Founder and as Emperor Emeritus, Emperor Jacobus on October 17, 2006 resumed personal rule over the territory. On April 12, 2007, the Emperor Emeritus began a survey to determine whether to unite Lac Glacei to the Federal Republic of Cyberia.

This was responded to in an overwhelmingly positive fashion. Negotiations were begun between the Imperator Rex Emeritus and envoy Justin Case of the Federal Republic of Cyberia, which resulted in a treaty of annexation being drafted. The treaty was subsequently approved by the Senate of the Federal Republic of Cyberia and by the Imperator, ceding Lac Glacei and ending its status as a Grand Duchy.

Life after Shireroth

The Federal Republic of Cyberia was wracked by hurricanes that destroyed a significant amount of the nations military capability. In order to see that the overseas territories were protected and governed, the FRC ceded the majority of is empire to the Imperial Republic of Shireroth. By August 2006 Shireroth would again abandon Lac Glacei's territory. But before any argument could be made over ownership the vacated land was claimed by Tokidoki (later Gralus) and incorporated into the territory of Great Kesh, where it remained for the next nine years.