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The Mala'anje are the First People (aboriginal group) said to have inhabited Cybernesia or the Cyber-Island Chain, which is home to present-day Cyberia, Rocentia other nations.

A reminant lives on on the island of Melangia, a part of Kildare, although their history is different from their brothers.

Jacobus Kahunamea is the traditional King of the Mala'anje, deriving his title as a descendant of Kahunamea IV The Jacobian claim is that the ancestors of the current inhabitants of Cyberia drove the majority of the Mala'anje and their royal family from their homes and into exile. A docile reminant, mostly women, remained.

U.P.E.C. established on their territory, a Mala'anje Free Zone as a protectorate so that the Mala'anje could live without intereference. (A joke many years later that the Cyberian Oligarchy had made the entire nation into a zone "free of the Ma'alanje".)

(Curiously, those who once claimed the largest part in the development of the Mala'anje now deny their very existance. In 2005, as a Deputy and Interior Minster of the VCC, Ryan Caruso sponsored legislation to create eight protected enclaves for the Mala'anje. Their home base is the Mala Enclave in what the VCC calls Felicia, where their Shofet or council meets in Mala'anje City. Each enclave has an original name.)