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The southern province of the former United Imperium. Larger, warmer and more densely populated than it's sister province of Lac Glacei.

Populated in psuedohistory by Mala'anje people exiled from their homes by European invaders in the 1500-1600's. Kahunamea IV was the first King to reign in Cognito after the exodus.

Conflict arose shortly thereafter with the Lac Glaceians and continued until 1818 when the two nations were unified under Napoleon I, exiled Emperor of the French.

Cognito for several years came under the authority of Grand Duke Ryan Caruso as part of the Shirithian Grand Duchy of Lac Glacei.

Grand Duke Ryan having left Lac Glacei and micronationalism, and finding no one in authority in Lac Glacei or in Cognito, by his authority as Founder and as Emperor Emeritus, Emperor Jacobus on October 17, 2006 resumed personal rule over the territory.

Cognito was annexed to the Federal Republic of Cyberia on May 30th, 2007, as part of the annexation of Lac Glacei, and the name later returned to Shireroth.