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Republic of Delvenus
Del flag.png
Official language: Istvanistani
Capital: Urbia Delvenus
Largest Cities: Beryl
Date founded: August 10, 2001

Number of citizens: 4
Number of active citizens: 0

Independence: August 10, 2001
Government: Absolute Monarchy
Current leader: Solomirathius
Currency: ICEO

Demonym: Delvenii
National animal: none
National fruit/food: none
National drink: none
Nation's Total GDP: {{{GDP}}}

Delvenus was a micronation founded by Fax Celestis around 2001 and which lasted until 2004. It is notable for being one of the first truly neutral nations in the early, strife-ridden Apollo Sector, eventually becoming host to the MCS. Notable citizens included Eros Darkstar and WarVoid.


Solomirathius was the title of the ruler of Delvenus. He was a benevolent monarch, something of a patriarch, and extremely foreign affairs-minded. Internal affairs were designated to his second-in-command, the Duamirathius. Solomirathius comes from bastardized Latin, and can be broken down as follows: solo for first; mira for watcher; thius bastdardized from theos, meaning god. So the Solomirathius was supposed to be something of an all-watching, lassiez-faire god of the country. All in all, Delvenus was supposed to be a corporate state, but ended up being a father-knows-best nation.


Delvenus was originally founded by Fax Malysus, a guise of James Raine, to be a neutral corporate state. Unfortunately, the failure of the ICEO and lack of any economy at all during the Tymarian Age shut down the idea before it started, and it ended up becoming something of a pacifistic-father-knows-best state. James Raine held the Delvenus Convention, where treaties were signed, nations came to peace, and generally nice stuff happened. This author knows of little that happened in the state beyond the point where he retired from micronations and then later returned. He has heard the word "Marimacar" spoken, however.


The Delvenii were an elemental people who strongly believed in the natural forces - earth, water, fire, wood, metal. The country was likewise divided into regions based on each of the five elements. Geovenus dealt with the earth element, Pyrovenus was specific to the element of fire, and so on and so forth.


Delvenus is notable for being one of the first Apollo Sector nations to take cartography seriously, and began producing maps displaying the island nation's geography. These were so well received that Delvenus went on to establish and host the Micronational Cartography Society in its earliest days. With the success of the MCS, Delvenus took up a position on Madison Isle in the northeast corner of Micras.