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Semisa I

Progenitor: James I

James Raine took the name Semisa upon ascending to the Throne, naming himself after the Cedrist goddess of resurrection.

Semisa's reign started off with the activation of the Imperial Judex, a previously dormant judicial body that was now being used for the purpose of settling feudal contract disputes as well as determining the legality of actions by various bodies within Shireroth. Erik Mortis was appointed to the position shortly after its activation.

Around the same time, talks between the Dinarchy of Antica and Shireroth completed and the Treaty of Aquilaria was signed, which ceded the lands and citizens of the Dinarchy to Shireroth. There was much uproar over this in the intermicronational community, specifically from the Grand Commonwealth, Attera, and the Republic of Antica. Attera and the Republic went so far as to draw up the Nafticon Declaration, a document to be signed by nations defaming Shireroth for its actions.

Land talks between Shireroth and the Republic began--and were almost complete--before Shireroth discovered the Declaration. Shireroth, despite releasing and denouncing the Declaration, continued and completed talks with the Republic.

The Centerflying Treaty was signed as well, between Shireroth and Lac Glacei, making Lac Glacei into a protectorate of Shireroth and--finally--putting the issue to rest.

Perhaps the most controversial actions during Semisa's reign were her attempts to reform the Landsraad into a more effective governing body. She put 25 different pieces of legislation before the Landsraad, all bent on fine-tuning the legislative machine. However, they were largely ignored by the nobility of Shireroth, and she responded with a more severe tactic--Imperial Decree 208 attempted to dissolve the Landsraad, an action that was illegal according to the Imperial Charter. As such, Imperial Decree 209 revoked the previous decree, but lay down some very heavy regulations on how the restructure was to be done.

Unfortunately, this caused Hypatia Agnesi to resign as Praetor. Scott Alexander, for no reason other than being in the wrong place at the wrong time and saying the wrong thing, was appointed as an "emergency Praetor". Thankfully, he cleaned up the mess that the Landsraad was in and then resigned.

During all this, the fora were going through the barely-visible-though-tumultuous change of converting from ezBoard to phpBB. On December 31, 2005, Shireroth's ezBoard fora were closed, and the new phpBB--with all posts intact--was opened. This was met with some controversy, mostly prior to the transfer itself. However, technical expertise in the hands of Osmose, Delphi Augustus, and new citizen Greg Dean were more than convincing. The move itself went without a hitch.

The Duchy of Northhold also came into being at this point in time, incorporating several counties into a new fiefdom the likes of which has not yet been seen within Shireroth's borders.

One of Semisa's final acts was to formalize the Knightships of Shireroth into a hierarchy that allowed the highest-ranking members of it to speak (and in some cases, vote) in the Landsraad even if they were not traditional nobles. This caused perhaps the most controversy of any action throughout Semisa's reign (with the possible exception being her abdication) over the fact that Knights are not technically Nobles. However, Semisa clarified that Knights are Appointed Nobles, given their power by the Kaiser and the Landsraad, while traditional nobles are Contractual Nobles, given their power by the people themselves.

At the very end of her reign, Semisa published a revised Charter and made a decree that caused a clamor of controversy. Imperial Decree 217 named her newborn daughter, Semisa II, to be her heir, but in the meantime have Erik Mortis be her Steward until her eighth birthday. Beyond that point, Nick Leghorn was to be her Steward until her sixteenth birthday, when she would take the Throne. The decree also created a taxation system and formalized the creation of a post-based economy, inducted a number of citizens into the Order of Kampioens, created a few halls within the Sir John Metzler III University, proclaimed a tourism campaign to be run, and created a new Ministry: the Ministry of Cartography, naming Bill Trihus as its Minister.

Arguably, the Decree was formatted in such a way as to make citizens ignore all but the first part of the Decree, thereby sliding in a number of laws without argument while a more minor issue was argued vehemently.

Some citizens stated that this was too much of a fantastical action and that it destroyed our credibility as as serious nation. Others stated that it shouldn't matter what other nations thought--Shireroth is isolationist anyway. Regardless, James Raine first clarified and then later revoked his decision in Imperial Decree 218, in favor of the style of abdication taken by Los III and Yarad I prior.

Imperial Decrees Made By This Kaiser: Imperial Decree 203, Imperial Decree 204, Imperial Decree 205, Imperial Decree 206, Imperial Decree 207, Imperial Decree 208, Imperial Decree 209, Imperial Decree 210, Imperial Decree 211, Imperial Decree 212, Imperial Decree 213, Imperial Decree 214, Imperial Decree 215, Imperial Decree 216, Imperial Decree 217, Imperial Decree 218

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