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The Order of Kampioens is a moribund order of chivalry in the Imperial Republic of Shireroth associated with the Kaiser's Life-Guard Division and subsequent formations.

History of the Order

Defined as:

a. The Order of Kampioens is a military order created to form a fraternal bond between those most committed to protecting the nation.

b. The order also serves in some circumstances as an elite bodyguard for the Kaiser.

c. The head of the order is the Prime Kampioen and he may induct new members whenever he wishes with the permission of the Kaiser.

d. A member of the order is called a Knight Kampioen.


Created in ancient days and refined by Kaiser Los II under Imperial Decree 107.

Kaiseress Semisa I under Imperial Decree 215 (repealed) removed all members at tha time, and further refined the managment of the Order:

"For the Order of Kampioens, the following hierarchy applies:

Prime Kampioen

Kampioen Magistrate

Kampioen Commandant

Kampioen Guardinal

Kampioen Guardian

Kampioen Protector


The Kampioens are to be an elite group, selected by the Kaiser. Only the Kaiser may induct Kampioens into the Order, and only the Kaiser may promote a Kampioen from one level to the next, and only one level per month.

Kampioen Magistrates (of which there may only be two at any given time) are given leave to speak on the Kaiser's behalf within the Landsraad. In addition, they are granted one vote for use within the Landsraad, unless they are already part of the voting nobility. In the latter case, their place as voting nobility supercedes; they do not receive an additional vote. Similarly, the Prime Kampioen (of which there may only be one at any given time) is given leave to speak on the Kaiser's behalf within the Landsraad. They are granted two votes, unless they are part of the voting nobility, in which case they are granted an additional vote.

Unfortunately, all current Kampioens are removed from their positions. They may be reinstated at a later date, as determined by the Kaisers. The highest tiers of the Knightships were reserved for only the most dedicated and devoted citizens of the nation, only to be granted to those who performed some great and noble feat for the nation. In consequence of which none were appointed.

History of the unit

By a minor historical quirk, the Kaiser's personal bodyguard, the Kampioen Guards, was for a time placed under the command of the Imperial Navy. After the re-establishment of the Imperial Army, the Kampioen Guards were re-brigaded into the Old Guard as part of the Palatini Corps of the Imperial Army.

The Kampioens were supplanted in their role by the Order of the Sentinels, which reported to the Kaiser directly and, for a time, sat entirely outside the structure of the Imperial Forces before being integrated into the Palatini Corps in the wake of the Oustfest Massacre of 1644.

In 1656, the XVIth, XVIIth, and XVIIIth Legions were disbanded and the XVth Legion reorganised as the Scholae Apollonae. The Order of Kampioens was subsequently reconstituted as a single legion Scholae formation, the Scholae Kampioenae, subsequently removed from the order to resolve certain quasi-legal complications.


"The head of the order is the Prime Kampioen, Greg Russell.."

Kaiser Yarad I

Eoin Dornan

Rakesh Maziar Ackbar

The Khan of Vijayanagara