Imperial Decree 215

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Imperial Decree #215: Concerning Knightships

Issued by Kaiseress Semisa I (Repealed by Imperial Decree 368)

The following will now come into being, as it is what I will for the Knights within Shireroth.

The Order of the Dragon shall now have the following hierarchy, from highest to lowest:

Paladin Knight-Magistrate Knight-Champion Knight-Commander Knight-Protector Knight-Errant Knight Knights may be inducted into the order by the Throne of Shireroth as Knights, Knight-Errants, or Knight-Protectors. After such inductment, a Knight's position may only be promoted by the Throne or by the Landsraad, and only by one level per month.

Knight-Magistrates are granted access to speak, but not vote, in the Landsraad, even if they are not members of the voting nobility. Paladins are granted one vote in the Landsraad even if they are not members of the voting nobility, by order of virtue, servitude to the nation, and devotion to the greater good. Paladins who are part of the voting nobility are not granted an extra vote: the vote granted by the Throne only applies if they do not already have voting powers.

As of the time of writing, unless your level of Knightship within the Order of the Dragon has been qualified, you are a simple Knight.

The same hierarchy applies to the Orders of the Griffin and Chimaera, though they are never granted Landsraad access.

For the Order of Kampioens, the following hierarchy applies:

Prime Kampioen Kampioen Magistrate Kampioen Commandant Kampioen Guardinal Kampioen Guardian Kampioen Protector Kampioen The Kampioens are to be an elite group, selected by the Kaiser. Only the Kaiser may induct Kampioens into the Order, and only the Kaiser may promote a Kampioen from one level to the next, and only one level per month.

Kampioen Magistrates (of which there may only be two at any given time) are given leave to speak on the Kaiser's behalf within the Landsraad. In addition, they are granted one vote for use within the Landsraad, unless they are already part of the voting nobility. In the latter case, their place as voting nobility supercedes; they do not receive an additional vote. Similarly, the Prime Kampioen (of which there may only be one at any given time) is given leave to speak on the Kaiser's behalf within the Landsraad. They are granted two votes, unless they are part of the voting nobility, in which case they are granted an additional vote.

Unfortunately, all current Kampioens are removed from their positions. They may be reinstated at a later date, as determined by the Kaisers.

As a note to Kaisers after me, let me say this: the highest tiers of the Knightships should be reserved for only the most dedicated and devoted citizens of the nation, and should only be granted to those who do something great for the nation.

By my hand,

Kaiseress Semisa, the Resurrector: First of the Name