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Cedrism is the state-favoured religion of Shireroth. It consists of a multitude of gods and has staggering pantheon of gods all the way from Mors, God of Death, to Hypotomoose, God of Miscalculations. The Cedrist Temple, located in Mirioth, was presided over by a High Priest who had the final say in all of Shireroth's religious affairs. The temple subsequently fell into ruin during the long dark age of the religion's neglect and its authority has subsequently been usurped by the Temple of Mors in Shirekeep which enjoys the favour of the Kaiser and his Court.

A Member of the Cedrist religion is known as a Cedrist. The religion is named, not for its prophet, the inscrutable and downright eccentric Brrapa Lu'Eraro, but rather his acolyte Cedris, who was the first to attempt to put the faith's precepts and hierarchies into some kind of coherent and comprehensible order. It is a task that, even to this day, remains incomplete and a strain upon the sanity of all who attempt, in the spirit of piety, to undertake the task.

Cedrist Myth And Stories

The Good

The Bad

The Great Swords

The Realms

The Planes




Path of Transcendence (Holy Wisdom)

Path of Descent

Path of Rejection (Heresy)

Hierarchy of the Priesthood

  1. The Kaiser
  2. Regem enim sacrificium mors: High Priest (King of the Sacrifice for death) of the Cult of Mors
  3. Regina sacramenta vitae: High Priestess (Queen of the Sacrament for life) of the Cult of Viviantia
  4. Imperial Vicar of the Cult of the Sacred Detonation
  5. Imperial Vicar of the Imperial Cult
  6. Imperial Vicar of the Cult of Horjin
  7. Reverend Mother of the Cult of Sakat
  8. Reverend Mother of the Cult of Alejia
  9. Imperial Vicar of the Cult of B'Caw
  10. Thrones of the Cult of Mors
  11. Vicars of the High Gods
  12. Paines of the Cult of Mors
  13. Lords of the Cult of Mors
  14. Vicars of the Lesser Gods
  15. Masters of the Cult of Mors
  16. Temple Officiants
  17. Apprentice of the Cult of Mors
  18. Temple Acolytes
  19. Initiates of the Cult of Mors
  20. Initiates to Temple

Sacred College

The Sacred College is the highest doctrinal authority of the Cedrist Church and superintends all aspects of the faith including the moral behaviour of its congregations and the rituals of worship.

Because the number six is sacred to Mors, the Sacred College of the Cedrist Church, the highest ecclesiastical authority, comprises of the Kaiser, the King of the Sacrifice, the Queen of the Sacrament, and the Imperial Vicars for the Cult of the Sacred Detonation, the Imperial Cult and the Cult of Horjin. As Holy Wisdom is essential for the maintenance of proper order in a balanced universe, the Reverend Mother of the Cult of Sakat also attends the Sacred College as a non-voting member who advises the Kaiser and who can vote in his absence.


Famous Cedrist Sites of Shireroth