The Sword of Fire

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The Sword of Fire: Forged by Agni in The Celestial Temple, the Sword of Fire was gifted to the Mortal realm long before the fall of the Khaz Modanian Empire, and the rise of Shireroth. The sword belonged to the Line of Emperors who ruled the Khaz Modanian Empire and was seen as a sign of the royal throne of Khaz Modan. Legend tells that the sword was lost several centuries before the fall of the Empire and was not found again until Kaiser Raynor I vanquished the dæmon creature, Rrakanychan and reclaimed the sword for Mortal Man. It is said that the wielder of this Great Sword would have the power to command flame and bend it to their will. Under the control of the dæmon creature, Rrakanychan the sword was used to set ablaze entire villages, forests and plains, reducing even the strongest fortified walls to rubble.

The Sword of Fire, portrayed as being wielded by its latter-day possessor the Empress of Minarboria.

The sword has subsequently, somehow, fallen into the hands of the Empress of Minarboria, a Gnostic and chthonic realm populated by the undead and genetically modified post-humans, and has thereby, arguably, passed once more out of the hands of mortal man and back to those powers which were once decried as demonic by the Cedrist religion. Another facet perhaps to the ongoing Benacian Schism between the bloodlines of the Kaiser who enslaved the demon tree Malarbor and those who worship that same tree's sprouting, the shrub Minarbor.

Kizzy Drakland, current Queen of Malarboria, possesses the Sword of Fire after a trial of worthiness by Kalgachian occultists.

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