Nationalist and Humanist Party

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Nationalist and Humanist Party Flag
N&H Rally in Dragonskeep, 1634

The Nationalist and Humanist Party (N&P) is a family of political parties, originating in the former Elwynn, with independent affiliated branches in Floria (republic & free state), Natopia, the Raspur Khanate, and Shireroth.

Originally an amalgamation of the New Behsaz and Orbis Humanitatis Parties, the Nationalist & Humanist Party is associated with the "coordinated state". Although left-leaning, secularist and militarist, the bitterness of recent history prevents it from collaborating in any form whatsoever with the Elwynnese Workers' Party. Loyal to the Imperial Republic for pragmatic purposes rather than out of affection. Loyal to the Kalirion dynasty, most notably to the Simrani sisters. Most support from Babkhis, Cimmerians, Norse, especially from the working class and from people involved with the military.



The Nationalist and Humanist movement believes that the impact of a celestial body upon the surface of Micras two million years ago resulted in a planet wide extinction event which terminated the previous evolutionary path of life upon the world, leaving the way clear for the evolution of a new species of sentient upright apes that would evolve into Humankind, the dominant sentient species on this world.

The existence of other planets inhabited by biologically and genetically indistinguishable hominids, Earth and Giess foremost, with which Micras has been in periodic contact, the commonality of cultures and languages between those worlds, which have evolved along similar lines in spite of prolonged periods in the absence of any semblance of contact, and the evidence of similar celestial interventions on other worlds that have come under the ascendancy of man, suggests to followers of the N&H that these three planets, as well as many more besides, may be the part of a wider Imperium of Man that will one day manifest itself and assert dominion across all of creation.


Human supremacy

At its barest essential, the N&H movement holds that the celestial archons, the hypothetical guiding spirits variously considered as deities or oversouls, by imposing their will upon a planet hitherto following its own path of evolution, inflicted a trauma upon the world spirit of Micras which, even as all semblance of life was scoured from its surface and oceans by the fires poured from the bowls of wrath, proved more resilient than expected, resisting the countless millennia of terraforming and studious correction of patterns of life to suit the warp and weave of the new creation begotten by the archonite spirits, and resulting in a hostile planet form that actively resists human settlement.

The evidence, so the followers of the N&H movement maintain, can be observed in the fractured nature of reality, the persistence of temporal and spatial anomalies, the alacrity with which human settlements and nations fall into abject chaos and self-destruction, and finally the corruption of the human form, derived from the perfection mandated by the divine, to resemble the long overwritten patterns of extinct chthonic life.

It becomes therefore incumbent upon humans, as dutiful avatars of the overspirits of the highest divinity, to exterminate any and all manifestations of the chthonic corruption, whether it be gene-splicers, abominations, of which there are many or divergent hominids, so as to maintain humanity in fidelity to its true and eternal form.