Florian Republic

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Florian Republic


Feudal Status: Protectorate
Capital: Northcliff
Largest Cities: Dragonmoor

Local Leadership Title: President
Local Government: Republic
Current leader: Jessica Smith (until 1655)

Local language: Florian
Local Religion: various

The Florian Republic, sometimes known as Floria, was a Shirerithian protectorate between 1653 and 1656. Became a Shirerithian protectorate after Shirerithian diplomats had convinced then president Edwin Farrar to have the Florian Republic leave the USSO to join the Shirerithian sphere of influence. After Farrar's loss of the presidency, his successor Jessica Smith, aligned with Jingdao, triggered Article 3.2 of the Florian association treaty, effecting the Florian exit from Shireroth in early 1656.

During the protectorate, the Shirerithian government was represented by a powerful Imperial High Commission in Northcliff, headed by Juana Beazcoetxea (later known as Lady Dragonmoor), with its own courts, police force, etc.