Legions of Balgurd

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From the The End Times.

Thousands upon thousands of creatures marched recklessly toward the city. Hideous in appearance they were, bodies mangled and deformed but with no seeable loss of ability. They looked to have once been Mortal Men, but now, their skin was stark black and many seemed not to even have he slightest semblance of clothing or armor upon them. Hasan spoke to me: "These are the Legions of Balgurd; the twisted and mutilated souls of once Mortal Men. They serve the Dæmons now, but not by original choice. They were, many of them, once might soldiers in the Mortal Realm who has their souls forcibly removed by the Dæmon Fish. Once stolen their souls are brought back through the Gate of Balgurd where they are twisted, tortured and mutilated till they lose all traces of their humanity. They are minions of darkness now, but are not past redemption should their soul ever be freed and allowed back into the Mortal Realm their Karma could be cleansed in time."