The Sisters of Viviantia

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The Sisters of Viviantia

The Sisters of Viviantia are an order of healers who have devoted their lives to the Life Goddess, Viviantia. The Sisters of Viviantia are primarily made up of female members, although it is not unheard of for there to be a Brother of Viviantia.


Legend has it that the order was created when Viviantia tought a young girl who was named for the goddess the art of healing, and granted onto her the divine power of healing. From that day forth the girl devoted her life to healing others and spreading that which she had learned. Over time she developed a small following of fellow healers who eventually organized into The Sisters of Viviantia. It is believed that Kaiser Raynor X himself studied with the Sisters when he was a child, aswell as studying with Children of Mors with whom the sisters have a love-hate relationship.

Daughters of Life

While all members of the Sisterhood know the art of healing and practice their art regularly, there are a few that are descended from the order's founder, who have maintained the divine healing powers granted to their progenator. These few are known as The Daughters of Life and are often seen as leaders and teachers among their order.

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