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Imperial Ministry of the Exterior
Jurisdiction: Shireroth
Headquarters: Shirekeep

Commissioner: Jalal Jahanbani
Minister of the Exterior

Subordinate Agencies:

The MiniEx keeps the Kaiser informed on the events of the outside world, negotiates mutually beneficial relationships with foreign countries, and formulates policies to deal with foreign crises.


The Ministry of the Exterior has a long and checkered history. Foreign affairs were originally run by the Kaiser himself. The first recorded Minister of the Exterior was Stjepan Aracic. The Ministry was then held by Scott Alexander for a very long time, during which it formulated the Four-Pronged Foreign Policy, added intelligence/espionage to its portfolio, and worked hard to raise Shireroth's standing in the outside world. After Alexander's administration ended, the Ministry passed to Eoin Dornan, who founded the DiploCorps, to Iskander Mirkdale, whose reign was marred with accusations of collusion with Shireroth's enemeies, and to Ari Rahikkala, who began the formal codification of relations statuses. The long administration of Isabelle Allot, was noteworthy for a major change in the policy on recognition. After Allot's untimely resignation, the Ministry passed to Daniel Farewell before returning to Scott Alexander in 3950 ASC. Ryker Held the office for a bit too but couldn't be bothered to remember when exactly. He tried building embassies outside of Shirekeep, hence the law against that now existing.

As of 1663, Jalal Jahanbani is minister.

Official Policy

The guiding document of the MiniEx is the Four-Pronged Foreign Policy:

  1. Shireroth will make friends with any peaceful and intelligent nation in order to establish a standing in the international community and promote microworld peace.
  2. Shireroth will cooperate in the sharing of resources and talent for mutual benefit in any areas deemed appropriate, including but not limited to military, intelligence, cultural, and economic matters.
  3. Shireroth will join international organizations only if they can prove an obvious purpose and an obvious plan to attain that purpose. It will only join organizations whose goals coincide with the Imperial Republic's best interests.
  4. (the slightly evil prong) Shireroth will attempt to expand itself through convincing foreign countries to become Imperial territories. It will not use aggressive or malevolent means to achieve this, but will attempt to prove to other countries that this is in their best interest.

This policy is at least five years old; in addition, modern Shirerithian foreign policy also revolves around supporting international organizations of which Shireroth is a member, including the Small Commonwealth and the Micronational Cartography Society.

Since Isabelle Allot's administration, the Ministry has been willing to recognize nations on the spot without official treaties, a time-saving measure that has simplified its work considerably.

Subsidiary Organizations

SHINE, Shireroth's intelligence service, used to officially report to the Ministry of the Exterior. However, after a long period in which the Minister of the Exterior was not always trustworthy enough to have the necessary security clearance, the organization was removed and now reports directly to the Kaiser (if that).

The DiploCorps is an organization of ambassadors placed in foreign countries who keep a Shirerithian presence active and visible there, and then report back to the Ministry on day-to-day events in their country of residence. Although universally agreed to be a good idea, it is only very rarely active.


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