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The Small Commonwealth

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The Small Commonwealth is an inter-micronational organization comprised of various member nations and numerous treaties. The core treaty is the Treaty of General Membership to the Small Commonwealth which establishes the commonwealth and a Commonwealth Assembly headed by a Primate, elected by the representatives of the nations. All other components of the commonwealth are purely optional, and member nations can pick and choose which commonwealth treaties they choose to sign. Member nations signing the core treaty relinquish no sovereignty or authority, nor gain any advantages in the Commonwealth other then a seat in the Commonwealth Assembly. The Commonwealth is not a merger, monolithic organization, or attempt at creating a micronational bloc. Member nations are not required to recognize or even be on friendly terms with other nation, nor are they required to interact with other member nations if they do not desire to do so.

List of Commonwealth Treaties

  • Treaty of General Membership to the Small Commonwealth
  • Small Convention on Forum Based Weapons
  • Small Treaty of Non-Aggression
  • The Small, Rational Mutual Defense Treaty
  • Small Commonwealth Unified Currency Treaty
  • Small Commonwealth Ongoing recWar League Treaty


General Membership Treaty Including representatives

  • The Republic of Ashkenatza
  • Batavië
  • Hurmu
  • The Kingdom of Livlandia
  • Bovic Empire of Natopia
  • Republiek der Nederlanden
  • Nelaga Territories
  • Gralus
  • Imperial Republic of Shireroth
  • Stormark

Former Members

  • The Amokolian Republic


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