Imperial Marshals

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Imperial Marshals
Active: 1643 AN - Present
Motto tbd
Allegiance: Imperial Government

Type: Police Force, Militia
Size: 15 Legates

66,000 Marshals
348,000 Imperial Officers

Nickname: The Redcoats

Chief Marshal: Emett Gregory
Imperial Marshals, in their distinctive red coats, frequently bring their policing nous to bear in assisting the State governments with the pursuit of wanted fugitives and undesirables.
Imperial Marshals frequently provide technical assistance to the Vigiles Arcani and the Chamber of the Crypteia when it comes to specialist investigations.

The Imperial Marshals were established by an act of the Landsraad, originally as the Mango Rangers, to serve as the provincial arm of the Imperial Constabulary of Shireroth, and are tasked with responsibility for the general policing of the Imperial Dominions as well as liaison with the public order and policing forces of the Imperial States.

The Imperial Marshals are obliged to maintain a Field Office in each Imperial Dominion's seat of government as well as a Legatine office in every capital of the four Imperial States. In addition to these Imperial Marshals are expected to maintain a Liaison Office in the administrative centre of every county or similar first level subdivision. In addition to law enforcement activities the Imperial Marshals are also expected to operate as public order troops. After 1655 the Imperial Marshals were mandated to increase the proportion of their budget that was fulfilled through revenue gathering exercises such as the levying of tariffs and fees with the intent of becoming self-financing by 1660.


For reasons of economy, the Imperial Marshals were mostly equipped with weaponry recovered from feudal arsenals dating back to the early Third Era, re-bored, re-chambered, and repaired where necessary.

Unit Type Image Quantity
Cattle-prod . 45,454
Cudgel . 500,000
M1486 Webb-Lee 11.6 mm Revolver . 375,000
M1487 44 mm Crowd Dispersal Projector . 4,000
M1508 Martini-Rossi 11.56 mm Rifle M1508 Martini-Rossi 11.56 mm Rifle.png 125,000
Sturdy Flashlight . 500,000
Thumbscrews . 17,857