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Former Praetor, Kaiseress of Shireroth and Duchess of Kildare. Renee was recruited to Shireroth in July of 2004 by James Raine and registered with the login Hypatia Agnesi. Her first job was Priestess of Ryvenna, Goddess of Kink, but she was also quickly hired by the Ministry of Information to make a database, a task for which she later received the Order of the Dragon.

In the early stages of a real-life relationship with Joseph Strong, she married him under Shirerithian law, making her Honorary Duchess of Kildare. She was frequently called to represent Kildare in the Landsraad during her husband's absence and got a reputation as one of the more active nobles. Renee was elected Praetor after Eoin Dornan was expelled from the post for inactivity in early 2005. She has served well despite some intermittent periods of absence for personal reasons. During the days of the Duchy Reorganization Act, the Kaiser chose her rather than her husband to be ruling noble of Kildare, partially because Joseph had been involved in an embarrassing government leak only a few days before. During her reign Kildare has been mostly peaceful, with the primary issue being Hallucination's growing desire for Barony-hood and cultural independence.

Renee's mother came to Shireroth under the login Hypatia's Mom to check on her daughter's online activities. She liked it, stayed, and the two are now the only multi-generational Shirerithian family. In real life, Renee is twenty years old and studies mathematics at the University of California in Santa Barbara.

Predecessor as Kaiseress: Kaiseress Carol I
Successor as Kaiseress: Kaiser Letifer III

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