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Office of Information
Office of Information.png
Jurisdiction: Shireroth
Headquarters: Shirekeep

Commissioner: Mira Octavius-Aryani
Minister of the Interior

Functions: Information, Propaganda, Broadcasting
Subordinate Agencies:

The Office of Information, formerly the Ministry of Information (MiniInfo), is tasked with maintaining the website (what you're currently reading) and ensuring the accuracy of the information on it. The tasks of the MiniInt are more precisely defined in the LawBook. The last known MiniInfo was Benkern, and before him Allot.

The Office was not exactly the most active of those grouped within the Ministry of the Interior, but it's role is important. There are three main strands to its activities.

  1. Most importantly, the ShireWiki, which the MinInt moderates through this office. The MiniInt should also encourage high standards of article writing and editing as well as the creation of new pages that reflect modern developments in Shireroth.
  2. The Malarbox, the 'Malarbor Says' announcement box. Apparently the MiniInt has final say as to its contents. This is obviously fairly minor but reflects the Ministry's role as disseminator of information and cultivation of writing standards.
  3. Maintaining the Sir John Metzler III University. This broadly consists of "development of national culture, technology, and education" and the projects undertaken vary over time depending upon the individual initiative of ministers.
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