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Joseph Strong, better known as Gryphon the Pure, first immigrated as Baron Ganondorf in April 2002 as the first Baron of the first Barony, the Barony of Schlangen under the Dutchy of Kildare, ruled at the time by Duke and MoMA Fax Celestis. A first-generation Celestis recruit, Joseph took his seat as Baron of Schlangen, and was almost immediately appointed Minister of Immigration and Naturalization, a job which traditionally had done nothing but ask new immigrants their names. He brought something new to the post, however, taking over the job traditionally managed by the Kaiser of conducting a periodic Census. On September 7, 2002 with the passage of a Landsraad Bill of approval, Joseph, now Gryphon the Pure, unveiled the first edition of the new Bimestrual Census, which would continue under his direction for years to come.

Before doing this, however, Joseph decided that he wanted to continue what was at the time a failing endeavor, Jasonian Aeronautics and Space Organization Unable to continue on the inactive board, he arranged with its owner, Jason Steffke, to have its operations transferred to his own home state of Schlangen, where it was re-established as Aero-Space Tactical Research Operations. Joseph acquired the title of Director, which he retained for the introduction of the Sky Hook and Rocket Car Derby Projects before passing the title to WarVoid.

On September 12, 2002, with the disappearance of Fax Celestis, combined with the general inactivity of Schlangen's Baroness, Baroness Sabriel, Joseph inherited the title of Duke of Kildare, which would become his traditional role in Shireroth. During a period of inactivity in the Summer of 2003, Joseph lost his title of Duke to Stone Jackabar and his position as MiniImNat to Harvey the Blue. In partial rebellion, Joseph unilaterally separated the offices of Immigration and Naturalization, and continued directing the Bimestrual Census under the Ministry of Naturalization. In addition to this Ministry duty, at the end of July 2003, Kaiseress Aure I appointed him Minister of Information. Today he continues his original duties under the post of Minister of the Interior. He regained his status as Duke of Kildare in September 2003, when Stone fell equally inactive, and would keep the title until this day.

Joseph has served several times as Prætor, Elder, and Imperial Advisor, and has held several titles in the Shirithian Military. He has written more than a couple versions of the Feudal Holdings Act, among other bills, established the short-lived Apollonian Republic, the second constitutional democracy in any of Shireroth's Duchies, after Hyperborea.