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Emblem of the Imperial Advisory Council.

The Imperial Advisory Council (IAC) is the Kaiser's privy council. Its members are appointed by the Kaiser on the advice of the Steward. The Council is tasked with advising the Kaiser "on all matters pertaining to his office", act as a collective regent in the event that there is a regency and not one individual has been appointed to regent, recommend honours and noble titles, and recommend pardons. Since its inception in the late 1490s, it has always met in behind closed doors, its members sworn to secrecy over its deliberations.

Current structure

The Imperial Advisory Council consists of the Kaiser (or in the Kaiser's place the Regent), the Council's president the Steward, and ordinary and extraordinary members.

Ordinary members have full advisory and voting rights in the Council while extraordinary members may have certain restrictions on their participation in the Council in place.

It has power of decree as a collective body in two cases. The first case is when it acts as a collective regent The second is when it issues decrees in council. Decrees in council are a special kind of decree which the IAC issues when consenting to a Kaiser's choice of concubine, spouse or consort. The IAC may also issue proclamations in council which may relate to any matter and do not require the Kaiser's signature.

Current members

Position Holder Tenure
On the Throne Kaiser Ayreon IV 1661– (regency ended)
President of Council (Steward) Hartmut Aldric, Duke of Calezi 1663–
Ordinary members Soraya Octavius-Parini, Count Palatine of Kezan 1651–
Ryker Everstone, King of Goldshire 1651–1657, 1659–
Li Naomiai, Marchioness of Sentratera 1661–
Daniyal ibn Daniyal Simrani-Kalirion, Prince of Modan 1663–
Prince Zahir al Din, Pentheros 1650–1652, 1663–
Extraordinary Members Nona Vasilica, Angusticlave Tribune 1661–
Uria Vatzka 1661–


The Imperial Advisory Council was established during the reign of Kaiser Raynor XI (1496–1499) by Imperial Decree 132.

The Council was created so that the Kaiser could get unbiased advice and help from some of the senior-most citizens in the nation. Raynor's original plan was to put three people on the Council - a "yes man" a "maybe man" and a "no man". The yes man would be someone who tended to share the Kaiser's opinions, the no man would be someone who tended to disagree with the Kaiser, and the maybe man would be someone who was often neutral.

Over time, different kaisers chose a different set-up for the Council. Some kaisers chose the Raynorian triumvirate, while others managed the IAC as a council consisting of all the imperial ministers. A third group of kaisers used the IAC as a representative body for the various duchies or imperial states so that the kaiser would never be without advice from one part of the country.

Since the Charter revisions of the Carta Ayreonica, the Imperial Advisory Council has been appointed by the Kaiser on the advice of the Steward.