Imperial Decree 132

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Imperial Decree #132: Imperial Advisory Council.

Issued by Kaiser Raynor XI

Whereas: The Kaiser cannot be everywhere at once all the time. Whereas: Even the Kaiser does stupid things. Whereas: Sometimes the Kaiser needs advice on matters. Therefore: The Following shall be added to the Decree Book. Chapter V: The Kaiser.


D: Imperial Advisory Council 1: Purpose a. To advise the Kaiser on his actions. b. To suggest possible actions the Kaiser might wish to take. c. To inform the Kaiser of matters within the realms of Shireroth, which the Kaiser may have otherwise not have known about. 2. Powers a. The Imperial Advisory Council has no power outside its own halls and is solely for the purpose of advising the Kaiser.

I have had this plan in waiting for several weeks now, and now is better than any other time to implement this plan.

The Imperial Advisory Council shall consist of 3 inidivuals who I believe together will be able to advise me wisely. Only these three people and myself will be allowed to post in the Council hall.

These three people will be able to advise me on what they think of any decree of action I take. If they think I'm being an idiot...they can say so.. As long as they can back up their words. Even if I don't agree with them, nothing said within the Council will be taken outside the Council in a spiteful manner. I will however not brook petter arguements or propoganda or grandious rhetoric filled speaches. I want to see logical thoughtful discussion.

But I am sure the 3 I have chosen for the Council will have no problem with these stipulations.

The Council shall consist of the following people

1. Nick of Yardistan. Although Nick and I don't agree on EVERYTHING, we are pretty like minded on issues and often he has advised me on matters in an intelligent manner.

2. Joseph of Kildare. I would have to describe Joseph as a rather, middle of the road person in Shirerothian Politics. Sometimes we agree, sometimes we don't.

3. Rakesh of Brookshire. Rakesh and are pretty opposite in our thinking and what we think is needed for Shireroth, as such he makes for a perfect advisor. When other might just go with my ideas, I know Rakesh will be right there to say I'm being idiotic. Yet, I know Rakesh can maintain civility and respect for others of differing oppinion.

These are my choices. They shall continue to be my advisors untill I remove them, they quite or I disband the Council.

The Council shall last for as long as I reign as Raynor XI. Should the next Kaiser wish to maintain this council, so be it.

Raynor XI, Kaiser of Shireroth