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Greg Dean is the author of webcomic "Real Life Comics". He briefly joined Shireroth during the reign of Kaiseress Semisa I.

He became aware of Shireroth's existence through his friendship with James Raine. James asked him to host ads for Shireroth on his comic; although these were not very successful, Dean himself was sufficiently intrigued to join.

Although he was only an active citizen for a few weeks, his contributions were quite lasting. First, he designed the Shireroth title graphic that still tops the forum today, at a time when no other Shirerithian had the graphic skills to do so. He offered to make a much higher quality map with Illustrator for the MCS; though he never got around to doing it, it might be considered the ancestor of today's special map proposals. Most importantly, he offered space on for the Shireroth forum when EZBoard began to be problematic, which the country used until its accession to the Bastion Union.

His webcomic continued to be popular until its discontinuation in 2015, and he is probably the closest thing to a macronationally "famous" citizen Shireroth has ever had.