Imperial Decree 206

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Imperial Decree #206: Centerflying Treaty

Issued by Kaiseress Semisa I

WHEREAS the Imperial Republic of Shireroth claims Lac Glacei through Article Nine of the Southsailing Treaty, through direct grant in the Tymarian era, and through the right of years of continuous occupation,

BUT WHEREAS Ryan Caruso has a competing claim, a strong cultural tie to the land, a committment to develop it further, and the diplomatic and political skill to resolve its many difficulties,

AND WHEREAS both parties are willing to act in concord for the protection and betterment of Lac Glacei,

THEREFORE, the Kaiser of Shireroth and Ryan Caruso agree to the following:

FIRST, that Lac Glacei will become a sovereign Grand Duchy under Grand Duke Ryan Caruso.

SECOND, that the Grand Duchy of Lac Glacei will become a protectorate of Shireroth, under the following terms:

  • That it acknowledge the Kaiser as a ceremonial head of state.
  • That it share the foreign policy of Shireroth
  • That it share the currency and economy of Shireroth, and present no barrier to the free flow of Shirerithian goods
  • That it does not cede its sovereignty to or become vassal of any third party
  • That it not be subject to the laws of the Landsraad of Shireroth.
  • That it not be subject to any Kaiserial decrees save those which expressly mention it.
  • That it have a separate immigration policy from Shireroth, that citizens of one not be citizens of the other unless they specifically join both nations, and that the Tri-Citizenship policy of Shireroth not apply to it.
  • That Shireroth is obligated to defend it if attacked
  • That the Grand Duke and the Kaiser periodically meet and discuss common issues and common goals at their convenience

THIRD, that any perceived violation in this treaty will be arbitrated by UAI, or, if UAI is unavailable, a similar company or mutually agreed upon neutral party, and that their words will be binding.

FOURTH, that this treaty supersedes all previous treaties concerning Lac Glacei, and that the Imperial Republic of Shireroth and Ryan Caruso both consider the status of Lac Glacei settled.

SIGNED ____________ (Kaiseress Semisa I) SIGNED ____________ (Ryan Caruso)

By my hand,

Her Niftiness, The Resurrector: Semisa, First of the Name, Kaiseress of Shireroth, Protector of Comstokia, Overlord of the Duchies of Naudia'Diva, Elwynn, and Kildare, Thane of the Shirelands, Keeper of the Apollo Legacy, Grand Master of the Orders of the Dragon, Griffin, Phoenix, and Chimera, Wielder of Vengeance, Bearer of the Celestial Barrier, Countess of Shirekeep, Knight of the Dragon, Arsonirathius of Delvenus, Knight Companion of the Most Magnificent Imperial Order of the Sovereign Viking Crown, Princess of Hvalafell, Priestess of Cedrism, and Lady of the Golden Mango Throne.