Line of Haiken

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Line of Haiken

James I - James II - James III
James IV - James V
Steward Celestis I - Lacrymosa I
Mog I - Lacrymosa II
Semisa I

Progenitor: James I

Line: Haiken
Progenitor: James I
Established: b2104

Bio: Branching from the Metzler bloodline, Haiken has had several Members of note. Celestis I was actually only a Steward of Shireroth and never gained the throne. Lacrymosa holds the record as one of the shortest reigns in Shireroth history at less then a year; having made only one decree, which included his own abdication. Lacrymosa II broke this record by only ruling for a single day and decree. Mog I is notable for the uprising against him in ~1150 which ended with his death at the hands of Letifer I.