Imperial Decree 209

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Imperial Decree #209: Revocation and Restructure

Issued By Kaiseress Semisa I

As of the time of this writing, Imperial Decree #208 (Dissolution of the Landsraad) is no longer in effect.

However, also at the time of this writing, the Landsraad is hopelessly defunct, and all efforts I have made to fix it--from propositions to threats--have been fruitless.

Therefore: the Imposed Legislative Mode--that of restructuring the Landsraad from within itself--will remain in effect until further notice.

In addition, I will point out that the Landsraad is only vested power through the "good graces of the Kaiser." If things do not start changing soon, the Landsraad will not be in my good graces and bad things will start happening.

This is your warning.

Now, go forth and bring me a legislative body worthy of great Shireroth.

By my hand,

Her Niftiness, The Resurrector: Semisa, First of the Name, Kaiseress of Shireroth, Protector of Comstokia, Overlord of the Duchies of Naudia'Diva, Elwynn, and Kildare, Thane of the Shirelands, Keeper of the Apollo Legacy, Grand Master of the Orders of the Dragon, Griffin, Phoenix, and Chimera, Wielder of Vengeance, Bearer of the Celestial Barrier, Countess of Shirekeep, Knight of the Dragon, Arsonirathius of Delvenus, Knight Companion of the Most Magnificent Imperial Order of the Sovereign Viking Crown, Princess of Hvalafell, Priestess of Cedrism, and Lady of the Golden Mango Throne.