Imperial Decree 218

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Imperial Decree #218: Beyond The Grave

Issued by Kaiseress Semisa I

Alright, alright, seeing as how things are too confusing in the other decree, I am henceforth revoking the first and seventh clauses in Imperial Decree #217.

Thereby meaning I retain the Throne.

I shall be stepping down on Friday, just to make people aware. And I've decided that the process that Los, Alejian, and Yarad used before me was an effective one. Therefore: send me your propositions for what you'd do as Kaiser to jfrraine#gmail,com and I shall choose the one that I feel will be best for the nation. Since my last day on the Throne will be Friday, make sure you get your propositions to me by Thursday night so I can mull them over.

Might I also remind you that any citizen, provided they have no other citizenships, is eligible for this position; that does not mean, however, that I have to choose someone who hasn't been on the Throne prior. I will remind you also that my job, first and foremost, is the embetterment of the nation as a whole, and I will choose my successor as per what I believe will be best for the nation.


I apologize for the inconvenience, the confusion, et al. I probably should have talked that over with people before I'd done it, considering how out-there it was

By my hand,

Kaiseress Semisa, the Resurrector: First of the Name