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Arminy was a Germanic superstate created by merging the Germanic-themed micronations of Cranda, Northworthy, Slobovia, and Hurmu. For most of its life it remained unstable due to personality conflicts, especially between Troy Thompson and Johanns fonn Klosso.

In January 2005, Arminy joined Shireroth as a Duchy. At the time, it was considered a major foreign relations coup, as Arminy had many active citizens and a good international reputation. However, its people soon proved to be less than enthusiastic Shirerithians, conflicts between pro-annexation and anti-annexation factions lingered, and the Duchy had a hard time keeping the four active citizens the Feudal Holdings Act of the time demanded of it. After only a few months in Shireroth Duke fonn Klosso exercised a right in the annexation treaty to restore Arminian independence. Soon afterwards, the country died of inactivity, proving once again that leaving Shireroth leads only to ruin and sorrow.

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