Johanns fonn Klosso

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Johanns fonn Klosso ("John of Closs", Closs being one of the counties of Upper Cranda) was, in Shireroth, the Duke of Arminy. He had earlier been the King of Arminy and Cranda and had had citizenship in Menelmacar.

He generally held a low-key profile in Shireroth, concentrating on cultural works including an epic in the Arminian language. Two bills, both defeated, were, however, introduced by him to the Landsraad. The first one dealt with the renaming of the title "Kaiseress" into the more German "Kaiserin" and the other, if passed, would have placed Shirekeep in Elwynn (then part of Arminy), rather than in Brookshire, due to its geographical location.

After Arminy left Shireroth, Johanns went as well. He later became the Prince of Upper Cranda and Emperor of the Atterans.