Araxion Castle

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With Araxion Castle in the background King Noah receives the Accolade of Acceptance from Her Holiness the Yfirfroyalansgythia and High Priestess of the White Orchid Temple during His Konungstekja.

Araxion Castle is an ancient stronghold and former Royal Residence in the County of Araxion. It is situated in the Forest of Araxion near the Tower of Araxion. The aforeasaid castle was the seat of the Count of Araxion, the Royal Governor of Araxion, and the place where the King of Elwynn would stay during the days before the Froyalanish ritual known as the Konungstekja.

Following the Auspicious Occasion the castle has been taken into public ownership. It most commonly serves as a garrison and base of operations for detachments of cudgellers, Imperial Marshals, and Guardsmen sent on detachment to keep order in the countryside.