Dark Orchid Temple

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The Dark Orchid Temple, formerly the senior Temple of the Froyalanish Ancient Ways.

The Dark Orchid Temple, is a temple devoted to the worship of Lest. It is situated in the Forest of Araxion.


The temple was founded as the Vanic Temple in Araxion by Count Harald of Araxion through the issuance of a Comital Charter as well as a monetary donation from both him and the Jólaslafðir. It was the first non-Vattnalandish temple of the Ancient Ways in the Flower of the North.

The temple adopted the name of White Orchid Temple upon the inclusion of the Goddess Elwynn in the worship of the Froyalanish and Wintergleamish Vanafolk. It soon thereafter became also known as the Dróttningstemplet, owing to the Lady Elwynn being viewed as the Sacred Queen of the Lands of the Two Sacred Rivers by the Vanafolk.

Following the Auspicious Occasion the Dark Orchid Society crossed the western branch of river Elwynn into Araxion, stormed the temple. In this they were supported by the Brotherhood of Lest, who raped and butchered the priestesses, and with the blood of their victims rededicated the temple to the worship of Lest. The Dark Orchid Society, unable to restrain its fanatical allies, were obliged to acquiesce to the atrocity, in spite of their own reservations about alienating the Elw and attracting state or Imperial retribution.