Armin Jamal-Arminzadeh

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Armin Jamal-Arminzadeh (Армин Жамал-Арминзоде; born in Elfinshiyehafir, in 1614) is an Elwynnese-born lawyer. Educated at the Adabistaan of Ardashirshahr (People's Academy of Elwynn) 1632–1638. Graduated with a Master of Laws. Junior lawyer at the Emirate of Alalehzamin and Utasia law division (1638–1640), transferred to the Government of Goldshire in 1640, head of Goldshire's government legal department 1643–1644. Transferred 1644 to Natopia, still under Queen Noor's authority, to act as her Steward in her role as Queen of the Elian Lands. Representative of the Frenzy, 1644–1647. Count of Suthergold, 1645–1660. In 1647, when the Emirate of Sathrati got control of Talcorp, which in turn controlled the government of Talenore, he was appointed by Talcorp board of trustees President of the State of Talenore (until 1649, when he was replaced by Malliki Nakita Nur Pinito). Considered a close ally of Kaiseress Noor's (and lover of her son Aldin's), he continued after her death as Minister of the Interior (1650–1651) and he also took up the position of Arandur of Cape Farewell (1650– ). Returned to Imperial Government in 1653 as Minister of the Exterior until 1654 when he was elected Prætor, a position he held until his resignation in 1650- Member of the Imperial Advisory Council 1650–1657. President of the Elwynnese Senate since 1652. Joined the opposition in 1660 by actively campaigning against Liv Dravot, expelling her from the Elwynnese Senate, and denouncing her as a murderer. In response, King Ryker of Goldshire stripped him of his noble titles and Armin reverted to denizenship (with service nobility through the senate).

Preceded by:
Ryker Everstone
Succeeded by:
Liv Dravot