Kaiser's address to the Caputian Parliament

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Kaiser Ayreon IV delivered a speech to the Caputian parliament during his state visit to Caputia in 1656.


THE USHER: Your Majesty the Queen, Members of Parliament, honored Peers and guests, I present His Imperial Majesty, Zir Magnificus, the Kaiser of Shireroth.

THE KAISER: Your Majesty, My Lord, Honourable Members of Parliament,

I am delighted to have been afforded the signal honour of being the first foreign head of state to address this distinguished assembly. It speaks to the bond between our nations, forged during the darkest hours of Hamland's suffering and through which we now see Caputia rise to its rightful place in the world as the leading power of Keltia.

I was delighted to have had the opportunity to join Her Majesty, and Her Government, for a luncheon at Bellesea Palace. Meeting those men and women of government, of different backgrounds, ethnicities, faiths, and political beliefs, many of whom served on opposing sides in the recent conflict, gave me a profound sense of hope and optimism for the future of Caputia. Afterwards I was grateful for the invitation to attend a Ceremony at the Memorial Park.

After the wreath laying ceremony I had the opportunity to meet with veterans of the armed struggle and I am greatly heartened by their grace, good humour, and willingness to come to terms with one another now that the dark days of the past have been left behind. I was greatly pleased by the warm words addressed to me regarding the vital work performed by the Sxiro-Hammish Agricultural Mission in alleviating famine, and by personnel from the Imperial Forces, embedded with the resistance movement as it moved in on New Kirrie to end that despotic tyranny which threatened to drown the land in blood and horror.

I was greatly heartened by my visit to the Imperial Investment Bank of Caputia where I was shown a detailed representation of the projects which the IIBC, founded through the generosity of my Imperial Republic, will fund with interest free development loans, including much needed infrastructure projects here in Zalae. I look forward to returning, years hence, to walk across the bridge between the two halves of the city that I was shown here today.

Finally I look forward to the day where our two nations, as equals and brothers, take their rightful place in a world which is at peace, from whence war, oppression, and brutality have been expunged and where the anarchy of the Green and innumerable unregulated brokerages grasped by religious fanatics, have been replaced by a system of international free trade between sovereign nations, accountable to one and another and to their own citizens under a democratic system of the rule of law.

Finally, I just want to say how happy I am to be here. Everyone is so nice to me. I want to say thank you to all of you. Everyone of you. Thank you for the beautiful, special, perfect gifts I got when I was at the airport. The fantastic Wechua dances that greeted me when I went to see the Queen moved me. They were so powerful and rich.

Caputians – you have shown me so much kindness, love, and beauty. You will always be in my heart. I will always be by your side. I will always love you.