Imperial Proclamation: Men and Boys with Froyalanish blood

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This Proclamation, known as Men and Boys who have Froyalanish Blood, is also named the Edict of Montrano, after the manor in Monty Crisco where it was made.


I have thought much about what to do with the Froyalanish people. They have destroyed the imperial republic so much. We have to keep Shireroth safe. 
Some people in my council say that all Froyalanish people must die. I understand their feelings. But not all Froyalanish people are bad – the bad ones must die, but the good ones can live.

But it is my job to protect Shireroth. Every person with Froayalanish blood can end up being infected by the Harald demon. This is scary. We don’t want that. They say the Harald demon is very evil.

But I don’t want to kill the them. Some of them are my family. I love them. I miss them. But I can stop the blood from spreading. That is my duty and responsibility. I am kaiser. I have to make decisions that feel bad but are good.

So, I have decided that all men who have Froyalanish blood are not allowed to keep their ballsacks. WIthin one year from now, all their ballsacks must be cut off. When a boy with Froyalanish blood becomes ten years old, his balls must be cut off on the same day.

I don’t like this, but I have to do this. My advisors have told me how bad everything is. I love my family, but this is for the good of everyone. Some people will cry so that many people can be happy. I think that is fair.

I am sorry, but I am the kaiser. This is what I say.

All persons of Froyalanish heritage are from now on to enjoy Our protection as loyal subjects of the Kaiser. They all shall belong to Our Imperial Republic, but their labour and the use of them can be sold and traded to cover the expense of their upkeep.

Ayreon IV

My advisors were here in my manor to witness this proclamation: