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Heath Jared Belledin (* Musica, 10 Gevraquun 1590) is a former Shirerithian legal scholar and civil servant. Professor of contract law at Metzler University 1620–1650, Imperial Inquisitor 1639–1663. Member of the Imperial Advisory Council from 1645 in the reigns of Kaiseress Noor and Ayreon IV until 1664. Royal Councillor to Vilhjalm of Elwynn, 1651–1653; Senator of Elwynn 1653–1661. Celebrated in Elwynn as a national hero for his part in the liberation of that country from the Daemonic Vanic State.

In Elw, his name is known as Хийте Яред Биледин (Hiyte Yared Biledin, / hiːtə jaʁəd bilədin /), and sometimes rendered officially as Хийҭ Яред Бэлледин (Hiyth Yared Bélledin, / hiːθ jaʁəd belːədin /).

Elevated to Viscount Belledin in 1661 for his services to the Imperial Republic. Lost the title in 1663 when he renounced his citizenship in solidarity with the Safirian Exodus. Created Baron Belledin in line with noble titles for former citizens with landed titles.