Imperial Proclamation: On the Safirian Exodus

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AYREON IV, by the Divine Design of Butyros, Eternal Kaiser of Shireroth, who, by this Imperial Instrument, gives unto his subjects and retainers, greetings, and unto the ancient gods of Shireroth, all due respect and honour.

Know ye that We make this Instrument in the name of the Holy Saints of Nathaniel the Returned-and-then-again-Departed, Elijah the Blessed, Nathan the Once-Living God, and all other Holy Saints and Martyrs, whose allegiance and respect We eternally owe. Acow.


We are saddened to hear of the exodus of the Safirians of Shireroth, among whom are Their Imperial Highnesses The Ladies Kessei and Rei, the Lord Daniel Ashura, Prince and Princesses of Shireroth, and the thousands of their ilk.

The Safirian community have remained in the Shirerithian imperial republic for as long as everyone can remember. They established relations with our planet through us, and began centuries of fruitful cooperation and mutual respect.

We have now been informed of the orchestrated exodus of all safir along with renunciations of citizenship and denizenship from Shireroth. We respect their wishes but shall miss them. Their departure makes the Shirerithian culture and diversity the more poorer. We are immensely grateful for their nation's contributions to the Imperial Republic.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF We have caused the Imperial Seal to be affixed to this Proclamation which We have signed with Our Hand.

Given at the Keep this sixteenth day of the fifteenth month in the year after the death of Norton one thousand six hundred and sixty-three.