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Flag Arietta.png

Arms Arietta.png

Motto: "Og skógar syngja að eilífu" ("And the forests sing eternally")
Feudal Status: Royal Precinct
Capital: Hrísar
Largest Cities: Hrísar, Elðgrímskaupstaður, Hrafnkelsðalur

Local Leadership Title: Prince of Arietta
Local Government: Feudal
Current leader: King Noah of Elwynn

Local language: Common Tongue, Froyalanish
Local Religion: Froyalanish Ancient Ways, Bovic Faith

Arietta, also known as the Principality of Arietta, is a Royal Precinct of the Elwynnese Union. Unlike Elwynn Proper, which is situated on the continent known as Benacia, Arietta is situated on the continent of Apollonia in the cardinal direction of the Lands of the Two Sacred Rivers which is known as Sørvinland. It is one of the Royal Precincts of the Flower of the North of which the Royal Governorship is vested in the White Orchid Throne and considered in whole to be a part of Froyalan.


The Principality of Arietta has a total population of 8,360,025 people.

People of Elwynn Population Size Percentage
Absentians 233 0.00%
Amokolians 20,354 0.24%
Babkhi 38,407 0.46%
Boreals 501 0.01%
Cimmerians 319 0.00%
Elfinshi 6,026 0.07%
Elw 170,314 2.04%
Farewellish 5,963 0.07%
Froyalanish 8,004,174 95.74%
Norse 6,335 0.08%
Tapferites 8,305 0.10%
Haraldian Wintergleamish 16,452 0.20%
Other Elwynnese or Shirerithian 16,522 0.20%
Resident aliens 66,120 0.79%


The territory of Arietta is subdivided in five Bailiwicks, to wit:

  • Álsey
  • Elðgrímskaupstaður
  • Hrafnkelsðalur
  • Hrísar
  • Veiðilendur