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An Accord of the Leagues of the Elwynnese Republic on the Restoration of Peace

Following correspondence between the Kaiser, the Conducators of Eliria, the King of Goldshire, and the Army Council of the Southern League, representatives of the City of Eliria, the Northern League, and the Southern League, having met mid-river between the Elwynnese and Goldshirian banks of the White Elwynn, agree wholly and unconditionally to the terms of this accord as specified herein:

Article 1

There is a full cession of hostilities for all parties to the conflict.

With the implementation of this Accord, all security and police forces in Elwynn shall be under the command of the Commissioners of the Peace.

The Commissioners of the Peace are:

Commissioners of the Peace shall hold office for the 12-year tenure of this Accord.

Commissioners of the Peace shall enjoy immunity from prosecution under Elwynnese law for the duration of their tenure and may not be deprived of office.

The Commissioners of the Peace shall meet collectively in the Council of Eliria to discuss matters of collective concern with regards to the maintenance of the peace and shall reach their decisions by a majority vote.

Article 2

In each bailiwick, the Commissioners of the Peace shall hold an election for the government of that bailiwick. The manner of election shall be that whatever party secures a plurality of votes shall hold all seats on that bailiwick’s government for a period of 12 years.

Article 3

The Western League shall be divided between the Northern and Southern League. The Amokolian Islands shall pass to the Northern League. Vattnaland shall pass to the Southern League. Iserdia shall federate with Eliria to form the League of the Midlands.

Article 4

Lady Eki Verion is appointed Princess of the Elwynnese Republic for the term that begins on the first day of 1662.

Article 5

Congressional elections shall be held in 1662 concurrently with the bailiwick elections, for a Congress that shall last for 12 years. The manner of election shall be the same as for the previous congressional election.

Article 6

The Republican Guard, having performed unsatisfactorily, is disbanded. All personnel shall be deprived of rank and office and denied recompense in arrears of salary or pension. The Armies of the Northern and Southern Leagues shall receive an honourable discharge and severance pay at the discretion of their commanders to be funded by the Elwynnese Republic.

Article 7

The Commissioners of the Peace may recruit Public Order Troops for the purpose of territorial defence, in conformity to the obligations inherent upon the Elwynnese Republic by virtue of the Martial Code.

Article 8

No Commissioner of the Peace may recruit more than 120,000 personnel or operate more than 150 Armoured Fighting Vehicles, 50 Artillery Pieces, 8 Surface Combat vessels, 10 Air Superiority Fighters, 10 Multi-Role Ground Attack Aircraft and 5 Transport Aircraft.

Article 9

Public Order Troops raised by the Commissioners of the Peace may not leave the territories of the League in which they have been raised except by the unanimous consent of all Commissioners of the Peace in peacetime or by the orders of the Prince and the Minister of Military Affairs of the Imperial Republic in wartime.

Article 10

The Imperial Government and the King of Goldshire may both conduct tours of inspection during the 12-year period of this Accord to ensure to their satisfaction, the compliance of the Leagues with the terms of this Accord.

Article 11

The Leagues of the Elwynnese Republic graciously permit the Imperial Forces to maintain the garrisons of the Northern Banner Group in the territory of the Elwynnese Republic without let or hindrance in return for the nominal sum of 3 Erb paid to the Elwynnese Republic for the land leased for the purpose of establishing garrisons and fortifications by the Imperial Forces.

Article 12

Garrisons and fortifications shall be established by Imperial Forces in the Elwynnese Republic at locations graciously agreed and specified by the Commissioners of the Peace.

Article 13

The Northern Banner Group shall limit its operations to the external territorial defence of the Elwynnese Republic.

Article 14

The Corps of Gentlemen-at-Cudgels, answering to the Prince, shall be the sole law enforcement agency of the Elwynnese Republic with universal jurisdiction and powers of arrest.

Article 15

The Imperial Marshals and the retinues of the Lieutenants of the Steward may render all due assistance to the Public Order Troops on the gracious invitation of the respective Commissioners of the Peace and to the Corps of the Gentlemen-at-Cudgels on the gracious invitation of the Prince.

Article 16

At the end of the 12-year period following the general and bailiwick elections, this Accord shall be deemed to have concluded.


City of Eliria & Ayreonists

Armin Jamal-Arminzadeh
President of the Senate of the Elwynnese Republic
Conducator of the Elwynnese Republic

Karmen Joonai
Vice President of the Congress of the Elwynnese Republic
Conducator of the Elwynnese Republic

Maheen Gharaineh
President of the Assembly of Representatives of the Municipal Corporations of the County of Greater Eliria

Miqael Viljam Arazion
President of the Worshipful Municipal Corporation of Aldermen of the City of Eliria, Guarantors of its Ancient Liberties

Li Raion Naomiai Avon-El Ayreon-Kalirion ibn al-Majeed al-Osman bin Sathrati of Waffel-Paine
Plenipotentirary of the His Imperial and Serene Highness and Holiness Zahir al Din Benjamin Rai Ayreon-Kalirion ibn al-Majeed bin Sathrati of Waffel-Paine, Prince of the Elwynnese Republic, Pentheros of the Dozan Bovic Church

Heath J. Belledin
Senator of the Elwynnese Republic

Northern League

Isagrim Herringwort
Commander of the Banners of the Faithful Tribes

Johan Hames
Verionist Union

Southern League

Malik Arrānāni
Commander of the Southern Front
Plenipotentiary of the Army Council of the Southern League


Ayreon IV Qaisar