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Anzarolexion ("Discovery Savings") is a former Elwynnese banking, financial services and insurance company, founded by Prince Elijah Ayreon in 1592. Corporate headquarters is in Caligae, Cape Farewell. Provider of banking services, as Banke Anzarolexion, mainly in Elwynn, Goldshire, Leng, the Elian Lands, and Shirekeep. Has a close relationship with the imperial government, as evidenced as part of collection of assets under the reign of Kaiser Ayreon III, and since 1654, the company is the in-commission Imperial Minister of the Interior, and is therefore in charge of Shireroth's databases, censuses, tax collections, company registrations, etc.

Owned 1606–1634 by the Elwynnese government, from 1634 until 1657 by the offspring of Nathaniel (as of 1655, one half owned by Prince Aldin, and one by the Kaiser Ayreon IV, in their personal capacities).

In 1657, the company was sold to the Emirate of Sathrati which took over all its functions and dissolved the company. The banking and insurance services continued to be traded under the name of Anzarolexion, however.