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Official language: Shirithian English, Norse
Capital: Nordiskehiem
Largest Cities: Slevik
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Government: Feudal
Current leader: Tarjei Einhornsson (last)
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Normark was a subdivision of the Elwynnese Union until 2013.


Normark was founded as an independent micronation by Johann I of Einhorn. The nation's culture was a blend Germanic cultures, Lord of The Rings-esque lore as well as Finnish, Slavic and Old English cultures. In 2012, Normark became part of the Elwynnese Union, where it advanced into a militaristic society. The Norse nobility rose to prominence during the independence years. When Elwynn rejoined Shireroth, Normark proclaimed independence, and joined a group of nations named "The Dominion". The influence of Normark on Elwynnese society is still visible, for instance in the large number of Norse people in the nation.

Notable people from Normark