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The Emir of Sathrati is an imperial title created by Babkhan Shah Hesam Jahandar Shah in 1542 and bestowed upon former Shah Rashid Arsalani. Sathrati is an antiquated Babkhi name for Shireroth. From the ascension of Kaiseress Noor to the Golden Mango Throne in 1644, until Kaiser Ayreon IV's (1662) renunciation of the title, it was in a personal union with the Kaisership. Since 1662, the title is vested in whomsoever is heir-apparent to the Golden Mango Throne, currently Aldin.

Even since the fall of Babkha, the title has lived on to the present day. By Babkhan law, titles are property and are succeeded to by legal descendants, whether related or not by blood.

Status in Shireroth

Ever since the coming into force of an agreement between Kaiser Raynor XII and the Emir Nathaniel Ayreon-Kalirion of Sathrati the title Emir of Sathrati is recognized in the Imperial Peerage of Shireroth. To the common language, the aforesaid title is translated as Imperial Prince of Shireroth, and was given the same prestige and grandeur as is befitting an imperial prince and emir of the Babkhan peerage. Under the same agreement is any descendant of Rashid Shahanshah Arsalani Padeshah of Babkha, Qaisar-e Sathrati, also known as Kaiser Ayreon the Still, recognized to hold the style of Imperial Highness and the title Scion of the King of Kings.

The aforesaid agreement also stipulates that:

  • succession to the title Imperial Prince of Shireroth is governed under the by-laws of the Emirate of Sathrati;
  • all Emirs of Sathrati must swear an oath of fealty to the Qaisar-e Sathrati;
  • the Emirate cedes any property it may hold on Eura to the Kaiser.
No. Reign Name Comment
1 1542–1544 Rashid Arsalani (Kaiser Ayreon)
2 1544–1574 Rashid Karyandzadeh eldest son of no. 1
3 1574–1586 Daniel Kalirion youngest son of no. 1
4 1586–1589 Kaspar Soleimân inherited by will of no 3
5 1589–1598 Mirza Soleimânzadeh son of no 4
6 1598–1618 Esther Ayreon-Kalirion daughter (eldest child) of no. 3
7 1618–1630 Jonathan Ayreon-Kalirion eldest son of no. 6
8 1630–1632 Nathaniel Ayreon-Kalirion son of the brother of no 6
9 1632–1650 Noor bint Daniyal wife of no. 8
10 1650–1662 Vidar Salim Livarson grandson of no. 8 and 9
11 1662–1665 Zahir al Din son of no. 8 and 9
11 1665–present Salome Ylva Octavia daughter of no 10.