Jeremy Archer

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Jeremy Archer
Full Name: Jeremy Harwinsson Archer
Alias The Wizard


Physical Description
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Race: Norse
Hair Color and Style: Dark
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: White
Other: Dolichocephalic skull with well-marked supra-orbital development.

Biographical Information
Father: Harwin Stromsson Archer
Mother: Caroline Lewis
Date of Birth: 1610 AN
Place of Birth: Fieldburg, Elwynn
Date of Death:
Place of Death:
Current Residence(s): Shirekeep
Nationality at Birth: Shirithian
Current Allegiance(s): Shirekeep City Guard
Occupation: Captain of Investigations in the Shirekeep City Guard

Jeremy Harwinsson Archer is the Captain of Investigations in the Shirekeep City Guard, the main law enforcing organisation in the Shirithian capital of Shirekeep, which was founded in 1630 AN. Originally Captain of the Guard, he was downgraded as a result of his lackluster performance during the Oustfest Massacre, in which the City Guard played a crucial role in removing Kaiser Dominus Tarjeisson from power. During the events, Archer was in Lichbrook to investigate the disappearance of Lord Bones.

Early life

Archer was born in the city of Fieldburg, in Elwynn in a family of Norse expatriates. His parents were of low standing, with his father being a clerk and his mother a maid. Jeremy was the second of ten children. When Jeremy was four years old, the Icebear Rebellion broke out in Norhern Elwynn. Fieldburg, being the hometown of Jack Lewis, one of the main seperatists, became a battleground. The Archers moved away to protect their family, and settled in the city of Wendor, in Goldshire. Here, Jeremy's father became involved in local politics. Jeremy was homeschooled until he was 16 years old, when he decided to join the Wendor militia. After two years of service, he entered the Royal University of Chryste to study Alchemy and Philosophy.

Jeremy was known at

Archer disguised as a Babkhi smuggler during his undercover work in Chryste.

University as a bright but unconventional student. It was here that he first discovered his eye for detection and investigation. However, he found studying to be tedious and boring. Jeremy preferred to spend his time in the backalleys of Chryste and would often disappear for days on end, exploring the cities dark corners, only to return to University and show up for class like nothing had happened. It was during this time that Archer discovered the pleasures of Cimmerian Brandywine, which became his signature drink.

Without graduating, Archer left the University of Chryste at age 20. He worked for one year as an undercover agent for the Imperial Government, tracking the shipment of illegal weaponry hidden as tractor parts. Archer's ability to disguise himself and blend in with the dockworkers and smugglers earned him the nickname "the Wizard". After finishing his job, Archer moved to Shirekeep, where he joined the Garda and was promoted to Captain the following year.

Shirekeep City Guard

The Shirithian captial has known a long history of diverse forces of policing, who were often at odds with each other. Notably the Garda, the Cudgellers and private forces serving whoever was rich enough to pay them. Captain Jeremy Archer, then head of investigation of the Garda, noticed that the lack of communication and coherence between the different forces made it impossible for them to function properly and sought to unite them. With the assistance of Steward Jacob Daylion-Verion, this effort succeeded, leading to the formation of the Shirekeep City Guard, with Jeremy Archer becoming the first Captain of the Guard.

In the year 1644, the City Guard played a crucial role in the coup against Kaiser Dominus Tarjeisson. The Office of Bounties and Factorage, lead by one of the key conspirators against the Kaiser, Ludovic Verion, bribed the command of the Guard. A sum of three million erb was paid to several officers to switch sides, and compromising pictures against certain officers were used to assure their loyalty to the conspirators, and to the new Kaiser, Tokaray Al-Osman. The City Guard was crucian in winning the innitial fight near the Golden Gate of Raynor's Keep. The Guardsmen opened fire on the loyalist sentinels in what is known as the Oustfest Massacre. This allowed the conspirators to capture the Kaiser and to carry out their plans. In the wake of the coup, Vice-Captain Harwin Turnip was named Captain of the City Guard, and Archer, who did not play an important role in the events, was downgraded to Captain of Investigations. After the fall of the usurper, Archer was tasked with investigating the main culprits of the coup, and named Warden of the Imperial Constabulary.

North to Elwynn

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Royal Councillor to Vilhjalm of Elwynn since 1651. Celebrated in Elwynn as a national hero for his part in the liberation of that country from the Daemonic Vanic State.

Famous cases

The Case of the Exploding Case (Raynor's Keep, 20 Silnuai 1650): An incident during the Revolt of Lichbrook. A fascinatingly inept attempt by rebel Liches to assassinate Kaiseress Noor by asking a visiting Natopian diplomat to carry a bomb into her presence is foiled by routine security procedures and by Christo Eucalyptos's concerns over the protruding wires visible from his aide's attache case. Captain Archer was so frustrated by the foiling of the attempt, within moments of arrival by a lowly Apollonian Guardsman using a bomb-detector at the landing quay of the Crownsport, that he devoted the rest of the day to arresting every Lich in the city, just so as to distract himself from thinking about the lack of effort that went into the preparation. He later personally infiltrated the exploding case into Lichkeep in an effort to demonstrate how it should be done properly. Unfortunately, with the targets being already undead, the successful retaliation only succeeded in damaging masonry and shredding a few extraneous limbs amongst the Royal Councillors.