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City of Chryste
Location: Elsyran, Goldshire
Type: City
Population: -

Governor: Elected Council of Chryse

Religion: Cedrism, Realist Temple Church, various minor religions

Garrison: One Goldshire Regular Garrison

Places of Note: Iron Works District, Royal University of Chryste, Alhambra Mansion, The Residency
Date of Founding: 512 AN

Chryste (officially Chryse) is a city in Goldshire and one of the main trading ports of the Iron Company. Having been one of the three cities governed by the Company under the previous charter, along with New Harbor and Erudition, the city is now the capital of the Imperial Dominion under the Administration of the Iron Company.


Early History

Chryste was founded in 512 AN, and remained a small town until the early 16th century. It received attention when one of the citizens of the town, the alchemist Nicolo Struph, allegedly discovered a method to transfer pure iron ore into gold.

Iron Company

The Royal Iron Company of Goldshire made Chryste their largest port and headquarters for the daily operations of the Company in Shireroth. This move also saw a major extension of the Chryste harbour and the industrial facilities to the North of the city. The city was returned to local rule after the Iron Company failed to maintain its royal contract and the warrant was officially withdrawn in 1662. In 1669, upon the signing of the Peace of Fieldburg, the Iron Company again was granted governance of the city.

The City of Chryste in 1641 AN


The metal-working districts of the city were struck by a heavy air-raid on the night of the 11th of Nomeziooqu in the year 1641 carried out by the Imperial Shirerithian Air Forces on the personal order of the Minister of Military Affairs, Thorgils Tarjeisson[1]. His motivations for doing so remain obscure [2] but were believed to be related to the ongoing Civil War in Goldshire.


Rebuilding of the damaged city centre of Chryste started immediately after the airstrike. However, the rebuilding of the damaged industrial areas of the city went on more slowly because of the fact that the Institution for Alchemy, a crucial factory for the industry as a whole, was struck by a bomb and was almost entirely destroyed. About 60% of the Gold and Silver transport was relocated to the port of New Harbor.

Royal University of Chryste

Royal University of Chryste main building

The Royal University of Chryste is considered one of the most prominent institutes of higher education in Goldshire in the fields of economics and philosophy. Their engineering department, however, has consistently received criticism from other academic institutions. Albeit being damaged in an airstrike, the University compound is still one of the most beautiful buildings of the city.

Notable Graduates


Aside from the renowned architecture of the Royal University, Chryste is home to several other notable sites. The Residency, once home of the Governor-Representative of the Royal Iron Company, is one of the most luxurious and eye-catching buildings of the city, made out of bright white marble and precious stones.

For the fans of history among us, the Iron Pit was the second largest fighting pit in Goldshire, after the Kingsgate Pit, before both were converted in to penitentiaries in late 1662. The city also houses the football club Chryste Miners FC.