New Harbor

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Free City of New Harbor
Location: Suthergold, Goldshire
Type: Free City
Population: 101,000

Governor: -

Religion: Cedrism, Realist Temple Church, Local Suthergoldian cults

Garrison: Iron Militia

Places of Note: Fishmonger Hall, Port, Mudgate, RAS Lufthaven, (IAS Airport?)
Date of Founding: 1597 AN (5273 ASC)

New Harbor (Better spelling, but unofficial: New Harbour) is a large town and major port in Suthergold. It serves as an Entropôt for the Royal Iron Company and is one of the three settlements that was granted to the Company as a distribution port by royal warrant of Queen Noor of Goldshire, together with the cities of Chryste and Erudition. The warrant was revoked after a failure to make annual payments to the Government.


The City of New Harbor is ruled by a High Fishmonger, a reference to the city's past as a major fishing port. Ludovic Verion served as High Fishmonger of New Harbor for the duration of its time under the Iron Company. A special council, called the "Round Table of the Fishermen" decided upon all matters related to fishing. Even when the fishing industry has been in decline, it's been observed that almost 40% of all fish caught by Goldshirithian fishermen comes from New Harbor. The city is part of the County of Suthergold.


New Harbor, along with High Harvest, was established by Count Ryker to supply Suthergold's sudden population boom with food, jobs, and residencies. The history of the city as a fishing port is also represented in the sigil, which features a dolphin on a green field. The dolphin is not only a reference to the Harbor Dolphin, which traditionally has been hunted in the week before Fishday and is served as an exquisite delicacy, but it is also a tribute to Kaiser Ari 0, who is regarded as patron of the city.