Shirekeep City Guard

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Shirekeep City Guard
Active: 1625 AN - Present
Motto Vigilant and Observant
Allegiance: City of Shirekeep

Type: Police Force, Militia
Size: 42,300 personnel

23,900 Cudgellers 8,100 BDI
5,700 Special Branch
4,600 Assistance personnel
undisclosed number of SAS agents

Nickname: Shirekeepers of the Peace

Prefect: Titus Morvayne
Captain-General: Jeremy H. Archer

The Shirekeep City Guard is the police force responsible for law enforcement in the Shirithian capital city of Shirekeep. The City Guard was formed as a union of local militias and police forces by Captain Jeremy Archer in 1625 AN during the reign of Kaiser Daniel III. The Shirekeep City Guard has its headquarters at Shirekeep Yard, a square in the Old Town of the capital. The City Guard is lead by the Captain-General. Jeremy Archer serves as the current Captain-General.


Foundation (Archer I)

The Shirithian captial has known a long history of diverse forces of policing, who were often at odds with each other. Notably the Garda, the Cudgellers and private forces serving whoever was rich enough to pay them. Captain Jeremy Archer, then head of investigation of the Garda, noticed that the lack of communication and coherence between the different forces and sought to unite them. With the assistance of Steward Jacob Daylion-Verion, this effort succeeded, leading to the formation of the Shirekeep City Guard, with Jeremy Archer becoming the first Captain of the Guard.

Captain Jeremy Archer, founder of the Shirekeep City Guard

Turmoil (Turnip)

In the year 1644, the City Guard played a crucial role in the coup against Kaiser Dominus Tarjeisson. The Office of Bounties and Factorage, lead by one of the key conspirators against the Kaiser, Ludovic Verion, bribed the command of the Guard. A sum of three million erb was paid to several officers to switch sides, and compromising pictures against certain officers were used to assure their loyalty to the conspirators, and to the new Kaiser, Tokaray Al-Osman. The City Guard was crucian in winning the innitial fight near the Golden Gate of Raynor's Keep. The Guardsmen opened fire on the loyalist sentinels in what is known as the Oustfest Massacre. This allowed the conspirators to capture the Kaiser and to carry out their plans. Shortly before the coup, Vice-Captain Harwin Turnip was named Captain of the City Guard, and former Captain Archer, who did not play an important role in the events, was downgraded to Captain of Investigations.

Back to Reality (Archer II)

The role that the City Guard had played during the Oustfest deeply impacted its credibility. Although crime rates in Shirekeep actually fell in the year following the turmoil, this could hardly be attributed to the City Guard. The despotic reign of Kaiser Aurangzeb II Steffki and the rumours of a Daemonic presence in the City sewers were more likely causes for this. The City Guard was briefly known as being under the personal rule of Ludovic Verion, Governor-General of the Iron Company and the main financier of the removal of Kaiser Dominus. However, after the coup failed the same year, the tables quickly turned and Harwin Turnip was arrested. Jeremy Archer returned to restructure the Guard and get rid of some of the more corrupt elements within its ranks.

Captain-General Pritchard hiding behind a tree to suprise a low-born villain

Noor and the Froyalanish Horror (Pritchard)

During the reign of Kaiseress Noor, and the adaptation of the City Charter for Shirekeep, the Guard had once again become a force to be reckoned with. Richard Pritchard became Captain-General and he continued the expansion and profesionalisation of the Guard. This time also saw the expansion of the Imperial Marshals. In 1650, the Guard decided for involvement in the public realm again. The Imperial Constabulary, chaired by Captain Archer, supported the removal of the Froyalanish rulers of Elwynn during the Auspicious Occasion. The Haraldians were swiftly removed from power, and the Guard shared in the success of the victorious government. Jeremy Archer briefly ruled Elwynn as part of the transitioning triumvate, marking the growing influence of the Guard and the Constabulary in Shireroth as a whole.

A New Prefect (Archer III)

The City Guard supported the campaign for Prefect of Lord Titus Morvayne in 1664. After his appointment, Morvayne re-appointed Archer as Captain-General. The year 1664 was marked by a crackdown on foreign insurgence. Most notably the fight against the Vanic Web, a largely Froyalanish criminal organisation, attempting to drag Shirekeep down to the daemonic levels of Haraldian perversions. More than 3.000 members of the Web were arrested, including former Minister for the Exterior and traitor, Jalal Esposito.

Branches of Operation


Cudgellers are law enforcement officers, trained after the fashion of the Corps of Gentlemen-at-Cudgels, the police force of the Elwynnese Union. As such they specialise in crowd control and physical deterrence over investigative detective work and the finer points of community policing. Each district of the city has a Cudgeller's Guild.

Bureau of Detection and Investigation

The Bureau of Detection and Investigation (often called "Archer's Sleuths") has as its primary target to investigate criminal cases within the boundaries of Shirekeep. The Bureau is known for its advanced and groundbreaking investigative methods, such as the use of forensic science and advanced logical reasoning to solve cases. Some high-profile cases that have grasped the interest of the public and the sensational press are the case of the one-eyed Safir; the case of the Three Golden Scott's and the case of the Floating Cat.

Captain of Investigation, Jeremy Archer examining evidence in a careful, scientific manner

Special Branch

The Special Branch was formed following a suicide bomb attack on the Landsraad in xxxx ASC, its overriding priority is to keep the public safe and to disrupt terrorist related activity in the Imperial County and Shirekeep by:

  • Detecting, investigating and preventing terrorist threats and networks.
  • Working with partner agencies to acquire and use intelligence and evidence about terrorism and extremism.
  • Engaging, building and maintaining working relationships with the Districts of Shirekeep, local communities, Imperial and State partners to better understand their *needs and to use their expertise and experience in jointly combating the terrorist threat.
  • Working with communities, partners, institutions, groups and other agencies providing advice and support to tackle the ideologies that drive Catologism and other forms of violent extremism.
  • Supporting, working and collaborating with the law enforcement agencies of the City, the Imperial Dominions and the Imperial States.

Special Assignments Squad

The Special Assignments Squad (SAS), is a paramilitary gendarmerie force focused on tactical law enforcement, crowd control, riot control, domestic counter-terrorism, VIP protection, patrol and checkpoint duties.

Members of the SAS are required to achieve a high level of fitness and expertise in small arms and hand-to-hand combat. Males between the ages of twenty-two and thirty who have completed military service in the Imperial Forces can apply to join the SAS. The application includes medical and psychological tests, and tests of speed and fitness. The initial training lasts for four months. The applicants are extensively trained in the use of different weaponry and close combat, and are also trained to follow orders at any cost. Special emphasis is put on urban combat and the entering and clearing of buildings. The training also includes legal training. The application procedure closes with a final test, where the applicant has to fight three to five trained members of the SAS by hand wearing boxing gloves. Fewer than one in five applicants pass and are selected to join.


From its conception, the City Guard was led by Jeremy Archer, the Captain of the Guard. Prior to the Oustfest massacre, Archer was replaced by former commander of the SAS Harwin Turnip. After the dubious role of the City Guard came to light when the Oustfest uprising was investigated, Turnip was removed from office, with Archer, who had been recently named Warden of the Imperial Constabulary, taking command again. Following the new Shirekeep City Charter, the head of the Guard received the title of Captain-General, with Reginald Pritchard being named into this position. After Titus Morvayne was appointed Prefect of the city in 1664, Captain Archer was once again installed as Captain-General of the Guard.

List of Commanders of the Guard

Name Tenure Comment
Jeremy H. Archer 1625-1643 First Archer Term, foundation of the Guard
Harwin Turnip 1643-1644 Oustfest Massacre, later arrested
Jeremy H. Archer 1644-1648 Second Archer Term
Reginald E. Pritchard 1648-1664 Expansion of the Guard, Auspicious Occasion
Jeremy H. Archer 1664- Third Archer Term