Kaiser Aurangzeb II Steffki

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Line of Steffki

Jason I - Jason II - Jason III
Jason IV - Aure I - Meskan I
Meskan II - Aurangzeb
Mo'll I - Aurangzeb II

Progenitor: Jason I

Was the regnal name of Tokaray al-Osman the usurper of the Mango Throne who deposed and murdered the Kaiser Dominus in the year 1644. He was the 155th Kaiser.

Aurangzeb held power in Shirekeep for one hundred and thirty days, from Amnure the 13th of Nomeziooqu 1644 until Ermure the 22nd of Oskalttequ 1644 when, following desertions amongst his followers and unease over his aggressively anti-Lich stance, he abdicated in favour of Marcus Myksos, who subsequently reigned as Anti-Kaiser Mors VII.

Preceded by:
Kaiser Dominus
Succession of the Shirerithian Kaisership
Succeeded by:
Anti-Kaiser Mors VII
Kaiseress Noor