Sword of Vengeance

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The Sword of Vengeance, by Scott Alexander, 2008
The mighty Sword of Vengeance, sword of the Kaisers, symbol of the Throne and dealer of death, was used to vanquish the Dæmon Rrakanychan in the time of Raynor I.

It is said that the Sword was forged for Raynor from a fallen meteorite, blessed by the gods and granted with certain divine properties.

Repeatedly claimed to have been stolen by Babkhans. Some claim that it is possible that the authentic Sword was lost forever after the Babkhan Holocaust. During the reign of Kaiser Raynor XII the Sword was retrieved from the Emir of Sathrati in 6008 ASC in return for some favours (Imperial Decree 775). The other legend associated with the sword is that it was used by Kaiser Aiomide to open a portal to Balgurd and thence to Woodshire Village (which was only a marginal improvement). Attempts to bring the two together for side by side comparison and analysis has invariably ended in accusations of heresy and catastrophe.

In any event, one or an other of these two variants is always borne in the presence of the Kaiser as a sword of state by the commander of the Order of the Sentinels and can be wielded by the Kaiser himself if the sovereign is feeling unusually vigorous or the situation is sufficiently desperate to warrant the corresponding loss of dignity that would ensue if the sword failed to live up to its reputation.

In the year 1644, the Kaiser Aurangzeb II Steffki had the two swords melted down and reforged as a single renewed blade during his brief 130 day reign. The sword remained in Aurangzeb's possession after he departed Shirekeep for Mishalan and was not returned when he abdicated the throne in that same year. It is believed to have passed with him, on the occasion of his death[1], into the infernal realms where new horrors are hourly wrought throughout the dismal watches of an unending night.