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Progenitor: Raynor I

According to the Fictional History of Shireroth, Raynor Me'Jiliad was the first Kaiser. Born in b2430 to Niglai Me'Jiliad and Fola Helipov. Soon after his birth Raynor and his father went into hiding until his fathers death in b2408 when Raynor returned to the Duchy of Brookshire and was given the throne by his mother.

After a long and bloody campaign against Goldshire, Raynor, also conquers what is now considered the core territories of Shireroth, and unites them all under a central banner. Crowning himself Kaiser he becomes Kaiser Raynor I.

Aside from uniting and creating the lands of Shireroth, Raynor I also defeated and enslaved the Dæmon Rrakanychan and reclaimed The Sword of Fire for his ancestors and descendants.

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Preceded by:
Fictional Foundation of Shireroth
Succession of the Shirithian Kaisership
Succeeded by:
Brrapa I