Woodshire Village

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Woodshire Village: Notable for the distinctive aroma of its nighttime atmosphere.

Formerly the administrative seat of the county of Woodshire, and latterly a Riding of the Principality of Lichshire, Woodshire Village is a district of the city of Lichkeep.

The largest employer in the municipality is the Woodshire Village Industrial Hazard Zone Chapter of the Worshipful Company of Hazardous Waste Managers Operating Within the Shadow of the Great Keep. Also operating in the shadowy backstreets are a not inconsiderable number of the so-called resurrection men[1]. These failed or apprentice Deathgivers, conducting unregulated necromatic operations using unsuitable materials such as the Lichport Grimoire, service the demand in Shirekeep for indefatigable undead servitors - rather akin to the zombot, albeit with an insatiable hunger for carnosa, the esoteric name for life-energy, which can only be satisfied through the consumption of flesh and blood.

Home to the Vortex Abomination[2] since 5431 ASC. A Kezanite decontamination team visited the Industrial Hazard Zone in 5942 ASC[3] with a view to effecting its removal, but a lacuna exists in the official record and the personnel involved are widely considered to be MPD ("Missing, Presumed Devoured").

The district was once home to a large community of Jewish Ashkenatzim emigres from central Benacia who have subsequently been assimilated into the local population, albeit retaining distinctive cultural quirks.