Kaiser Redquill

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Kaiser Redquill
Full Name: Ryker J. Everstone
Alias Viscount Redquill


Physical Description
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Race: Goldshirithian
Hair Color and Style: Brown
Eye Color: Gold
Skin Color: White
Other: Rather short stature in comparison to large buildings

Biographical Information
Father: -
Mother: -
Date of Birth: ~1589 AN
Place of Birth: Goldendown, Goldshire
Date of Death: N/A
Place of Death: N/A
Current Residence(s): Redquill Manor
Nationality at Birth: Shirithian
Current Allegiance(s): Goldshire, Shireroth
Occupation: politician and part-time bag-carrier

Ryker J. Everstone (known as Kaiser Redquill during his time on the Golden Mango Throne) is a Shirerothian politician and entrepreneur. He's held the offices of (Grand) Duke of Goldshire, Duke of Sutherlune, Baron of Hrykria, Minister of the Exterior, Count of Suthergold, President or Ryker Airships, Steward and then Kaiser of Shireroth. His current position in Shireroth is Viscount of Everstone Hall in Shirekeep, Count of Lunaris, and King of Goldshire. Entered a coma in 1656.

Political Career

Initially met with mixed excitement and cynicism from micronational veterans, in late IRL 2013 Ryker became a new member of the online community (the first in over a year to stay). His views started out as very egalitarian and anti violence, though through the years he has become more accepting of anything that makes things interesting. In his starting years, an ambitious Ryker concocted numerous plots to increase his power and expand his territorial domain; however, after holding the office of The Kaiser during the Kildarian secession and bearing most of the responsibility for the ordeal in the public eye, he has decided to postpone any plans for domination indefinitely and instead focus on tending to what lands he has. He moved much of his activity to Natopia in the summer of 2016, although he moved a lot of that activity back in the Autumn as he participated in managing image quality on the Shirewiki and joined the Imperial Navy of Shireroth as a Grand Admiral in the expectation of an apocalyptic final battle between the forces of good and evil, which happened to occur while he was taking a very long nap. On this point, Ryker feels vaguely cheated. He is now King of Goldshire and has his fingers in a few projects in Shireroth.

Kaiser Redquill

Ryker ruled as the 144th Kaiser of Shireroth under the regnal name of Redquill. He oversaw the Kildare Incident and established the Imperial Bloodline of Redquill.

Kaiser Redquill began his reign immediately prior to Kildare's Declaration of Independence and controlled the movement which followed as best he could. No war was ever declared or fought between Shireroth and the Apollonian Republic of Shireroth's East (A.R.S.E.) under this Kaiser's rule, though a rogue MoMA did briefly take a refurbished fleet against Kildare outside of Kaiseral order. He created an entirely new Cabinet with the exception of MiniInt, Janus Eadric, and sought their council on most issues regarding the situation in the East and elsewhere.

On account of his aversion to aggressive retaliations during his reign, he has become known to history as "Redquill the Meek". He maintained that his position was an impossible one and that his actions were the most prudent he could have exercised. Though he did give his throne to a 150-year-old hermit woman, so maybe he wasn't all there.

Preceded by:
Kaiser of Shireroth
Succeeded by:
Isa IV
Preceded by:
Ryabin Merkayastreb
Duke of Goldshire
Succeeded by:
Kizzy Drakland
Preceded by:
Kizzy Drakland
Grand Duke of Goldshire
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
Vidar Ayreon
King of Goldshire
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
Fjǫrleif Hallbjörnsdóttir
Succeeded by:
Armin Jamal-Arminzadeh
Preceded by:
IAC in Commission
Regent of the Imperial Republic
Succeeded by:
Hartmut Aldric
Preceded by:
Vilhelm Benkern
Succeeded by:
Semisa Caprici