Kaiser Sehml

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Line of Drak

Kaisers: Kaiser Sehml - Kaiseress Kizzy
Grand Duchess of Goldshire: Kizzy Drakland
Ruling Steward of Elwynn: Luix Rakira
Queen of Malarboria: Kizzy Drakland
Faro of Flaventia: Nathan II

Head of House: Kyle Kilynn
Progenitor: Kaiser Sehml

Kaiser Sehml
Full Name: Kaiser Sehml
Alias Luix Rakira, Ludwig Drakire

Kaiser sehml.png

Physical Description
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Race: Draconian
Hair Color and Style: Black
Eye Color: Gray
Skin Color: White
Other: Facial scar, traditional arm tattoos

Biographical Information
Father: Anders Drakire
Mother: Vadoma Drakill
Date of Birth: 1560
Place of Birth: Lindstrom, Natopia
Date of Death: 1616
Place of Death: Shirekeep, Shireroth
Current Residence(s): Valley of Mors (presumably)
Nationality at Birth: Natopian
Current Allegiance(s): Shireroth
Occupation: Kaiser

Kaiser Sehml (b. 1560, d. 1616) was the 143rd Kaiser of Shireroth (1615–1617).

Born Ludwig Drakire in the slums of Lindström. Attended Northeast Outskirts High School and graduated from Ziegeland Technical Institute. He watched Heidi Dracosson's historic Natopia Day speech in 1579 when he was 19, the speech would resonate with him for many years. He moved to the area of Natopia now known as New Dracoheim in 1585 as part of a Draconian diaspora movement seeking out the new land. In 1587, Ludwig had proclaimed himself Margrave of New Dracoheim after touring the area and collecting affirmations from various mayors and prominent farmers. In the same proclamation claiming to rule New Dracoheim, Ludwig called on the other demesnes of Natopia to overthrow Imperially-appointed dukes and princes and elect their own local leaders.

By 1588, Drakire was de facto leader of the Coalition of Self-Governing Natopian States, an alliance of Klaasiya, New Dracoheim, and Sororiya against the Imperially-aligned demesnes of Ziegeland and Tas Neemia. Coalition leaders agreed to isolate the Imperial stronghold of Yellow Island by blockading Borders Bay and damaging the Eucal-Oakham Bridge. A series of conflicts between the Coalition and Imperialists would become known as the Natopian Civil War.

In 1589, Drakire was betrayed by his assistant, an Athlonian named Paidron. Paidron, who was acting as a secret agent of the Dozan Bovic Church attacked him with an ax in order to end the civil war and restore the Imperialists to power. Paidron exiled Drakire to Elwynn. Paidron, whose real name was Neoptolemus, would be later be elected Pentheros and would go on to lead the Bovic Church in a theocratic take-over of Natopia.

Naturalized as Elwynnese in 1585, took on Elw-ized version of his name Luix Rakira, and elected to the Senate the same year after the support of Elijah Ayreon. Also elected to the Amokolian Sænate in 1595, representing Vattnaland. Stayed in Elwynnese politics until Shirerithian unification, had some odd business ventures in Elwynn and Natopia, stayed in Frenzyville 1612–1615. Nominated in 1615 to everyone's surprise to the kaisership. The ensuing election saw 7 votes in favour of Rakira, and 7 votes for Flavius Myksos. The vote ended by Aasmund Vigeland, prætor, casting the tie-breaking vote in favour of Rakira. As kaiser, Rakira took on the name Kaiser Sehml (meaning?).

Kaiser Semhml did not change his habits much as kaiser – indeed, he dressed the same in Draconian farmer's wear every day, prompting the Landsraad to publically debate his attire. In the end, the Landsraad resolved to politely congratulate the kaiser on his unique style.

Had an off-and-on relationship with Kizzy Drakland from 1615 to his death 1617. Fathered with her Kyle Kilynn who was born shortly after Kaiser Sehml's death in the same year.

He is the first in the Line of Drak. He died the day before the Kildari Secession Crisis which has cast doubt on his effectiveness as a ruler.

Preceded by:
Succession of the Shirithian Kaisership
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
Aaden Allot as Prince
Steward of Elwynn
Succeeded by:
Elijah Ayreon as Prince